What to Expect in 2014

Worldwide celebrations have been cleaned up, Advil is in almost everyone’s system and gyms are packed as people try and slim down after continuously stuffing their faces with holiday treats. This combination can only mean one thing: it’s officially the New Year! For many, the start of a New Year means reminiscing on the past but at Weknowthedj, we’re looking to the future—especially the future of the music industry. 2013 was a monumental year in the business but bigger is better and the future is bright! Can we expect an album that sells one million copies or more in its first week? What is in store for music videos? Will another artist successfully follow in Beyoncé’s footsteps and release a sneak-attack album? Who will be the next “big thing” to take over the scene? While we don’t know the answers to these questions, we do know that 2014 is going to be a year to remember and we can give a few hints about whom to expect new music from in 2014!

Starting the year off by reminiscing on a star of the past that hasn’t lost his spark, Bruce Springsteen is stepping back into the spotlight with a January 14th release of High Hopes. The album is a collection of covers, “reimaged” versions of songs from previous albums, and outtakes. While many artists re-release tracks as remixes or bonus tracks, we’re excited to see how Bruce pulls this off. We definitely have high hopes for High Hopes!

Speaking of artists who are responsible for molding the music industry, is the King of Pop back? It’s been confirmed that we’re getting a new (kind of) album from none other than Michael Jackson! As a true artist, Michael has multiple tracks that were never released before his life was cut short. The album, a collection of unreleased material and possible collaborations, is expected to hit the airwaves at some point in 2014 although no date has been publicized. We’re expecting a “then and now, past and present” vibe from the album making us wonder who we’ll see featured—possibly Justin Bieber? In true Michael Jackson fashion, we’re assuming he’ll exceed all of our expectations.

Justin Bieber has found a way to constantly keep himself in the headlines during 2013, especially after announcing his “retirement” right before the end of the year. If we know one thing about Bieber, music is in his blood and he simply can’t give it up! The kid went home to Canada to spend the holidays with his family but we can confirm he spent time in the studio. After the success of his Music Monday tracks and the release of his newest album, Journals, Bieber is just getting started! While we’re not exactly sure what Justin Bieber is planning, we do know 2014 is going to be a big year for the kid. Stay tuned for announcements in the near future but for now, get ready for the release of his music video for Confident featuring Chance the Rapper—coming soon.

While everyone knows the sounds of Springsteen, Jackson and Bieber, we’re also expecting 2014 to be a year for new introductions and first impressions. An artist we’re excited to see a lot from this year is none other than Blake Kelly, the best friend of bossman DJ Tay James and a constant supporter of Weknowthedj. Blake has seen Weknowthedj rise from a simple idea to a brand recognized worldwide just as we’re watching him rise to an artist with worldwide recognition. With the upcoming release of a new mixtape, new videos and even more content, Blake Kelly is a name you want to remember for 2014!

As Blake Kelly makes his first impression on the industry, new artists of 2013 need to prove to the world that they have what it takes to make it in the long run. Ariana Grande released a debut album in 2013 that debuted at No.1 on the Billboard charts and then shared weekly holiday-inspired tracks with the world. Easily 2013’s “breakout star” and with rumors of multiple albums coming in 2014, we’re extremely excited for Ariana’s upcoming year!

Whether you prefer the sounds of an up-and-coming artist or those of a longtime player in the game, 2014 is practically guaranteed to be an amazing year for music. Of course we’ll be receiving new music from more than just the four artists above and even though they haven’t be featured, we’re excited for every new release! 2014 is about to be the year of incredible new music and Weknowthedj is your place to be for all things music! Are you excited for what’s to come? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and share your thoughts!


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