Rixton’s “Make Out” Music Video

Music videos are arguably the most fascinating concept in the entertainment industry but creating a short film responsible for aligning visuals and audio is never an easy task. When you consider how many music videos every reputable artist has released each year, it seems as if every possible idea has already been executed. This exact thought swirled through the minds of UK band Rixton as they brainstormed visions for their breakthrough music video.

With a little guidance from their experienced manager, Scooter Braun, the guys behind the microphones knew they needed something original in order to wow the audience of their “Make Out” music video. Jake Roche, Danny Wilkin, Charley Bagnall and Lewi Morgan understood they needed to do something that’s never been done if they wanted to make a lasting impression on the world. Based on the YouTube views, already surpassing a million, the October 2013 release has definitely made its mark on the industry. Paying homage to some of 2013’s greatest music videos, fans were given a surprise as the “Make Out” music video featured appearances from Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Robin Thicke and Lady Gaga—kind of.

How does a band of four seemingly normal kids from the United Kingdom convince the most talented artists in the industry to make cameos throughout the four and a half minute video? Giving fans an inside look on their comedic personalities, the guys of Rixton took matters into their own hands by making do with what they’ve been given. Stemming from an idea from Braun and featuring many costume changes, these chart topper cameos would have to be portrayed by the band.

A front lawn strewed with toilet paper provides a “safe place” for Jake, Charley, Lewi and Danny giving them the opportunity to portray themselves instead of appearing as someone else. Between Danny shedding tears as Rihanna in “Stay,” Lewi starring as Katy Perry surrounded by the jungle of “Roar” and Charley emulating Lady Gaga’s “Applause,” there was no shortage of female powerhouses throughout the “Make Out” video.

While female stars were excessively portrayed in the video’s duration, it wouldn’t have been a 2013 recap without mentioning the year’s most talked about performance. After endless media scrutiny for his 2013 VMAs performance, we didn’t expect Robin Thicke to be included on the video’s million plus views but he called the cameo “really humbling.” Yes, the boys of Rixton successfully pulled off their own version of Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” complete with a striped jumpsuit, latex jumpsuit, censored women and dancing teddy bears.

While the nude women in the “Blurred Lines” portion of “Make Out” were censored, Jake Roche skipped the censors as he stole the show throughout the entire video. Roche didn’t hesitate to strip down as he added his own twist to the re-creation of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.” Jake didn’t leave anything out while reenacting the “controversial” video—there was hammer licking, wrecking ball swinging and a noticeable lack of clothing—clearly heavily influenced by Miley.

Cyrus wasn’t the only “controversial” star portrayed by Roche during the “Make Out” clip. Jake showed off his acting skills as he channeled his inner “Bieber” alongside “Nicki Minaj” more commonly recognized as Rixton bassist/keyboardist Danny. Complete with a black tank top, gold chain, pink tutu, underwater scenes, body-rocking and shirt lifting, Roche is practically Bieber’s “Beauty And A Beat” music video doppelgänger. The video parody caught the attention of Bieber himself who recognizes a successful video when he sees it, stating, “Not gonna lie this is funny.” While the “Make Out” video won Justin Bieber’s approval, he does think Jake needs to borrow his trainer with a “dude gotta work on his 6 pack. Lol.” Overall, Jake impressed us but next time he tries to embrace his inner “Bieber,” he has to work on his selfie face! We’ve posted the complete “Make Out” music video below so be sure to check that out and send us some thoughts!

Although the “Make Out” video features numerous “cameos” from worldwide megastars, Rixton is still an up and coming band looking to expand their fan base while exploring as many new opportunities as possible. 2014 is going to be a huge year for the four guys as they’ve just been named part of MTV’s Artists to Watch! As part of the campaign, MTV chooses acts they think you’ll be hearing plenty about in the upcoming months and we definitely have to agree with them! We’re excited for what’s to come and WeKnowTheDJ will be keeping you updated on all thinks Rixton in the upcoming year! Are you excited? Be sure to send us a tweet at @weknowthedj to share your thoughts—we’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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