Bruno Mars at the Super Bowl

Being from New York and going to school in New Jersey, the past six months have been nothing but Super Bowl hype and I’ve experienced it all firsthand. From constant news coverage to endless amounts of advertisements, the New York City area quickly began to resemble NFL headquarters. An entire city avenue was transformed into “Super Bowl Boulevard” and thousands flocked to New York City just to prepare for the big game! Now that the Super Bowl trophy is en route to Seattle and the New York area is attempting to get back to normal, it’s time for us to recap the MVP of the night. We’re not ESPN so we won’t be focusing on Malcolm Smith. In our constant “all about the music” mindset, we’re giving the MVP trophy to Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

It’s hard to forget the practically perfect performance put on by Beyoncé at the 2013 Super Bowl so we admit… We were all a little skeptical when Bruno Mars was announced as 2014’s half-time headliner. The second month of the year has just begun and Bruno Mars has already taken home the Grammy for “Best Pop Vocal Album” and captured the attention of the Super Bowl’s 111.5 million viewers! Starting off the year on the right foot, we’re anxious to know what the rest of 2014 holds for the “Locked out of Heaven” singer. Tickets to his Moonshine Jungle Tour went on sale this morning and many venues have already sold out—including two nights at Madison Square Garden. Just a piece of advice for all aspiring artists: if you want to sell out your tour really quickly, put the tickets on sale a day after you kill it at the Super Bowl!

Starting off his performance with an enthusiastic appearance on the drums, Mars wowed the crowd with his gold jacket and skinny black tie. As soon as Bruno stepped on the stage, Twitter began to blow up with Bieber fans making note that Bruno’s clothing choice was extremely similar to Justin Bieber’s outfit at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. While some similarities did exist, we were more focused on the incredible performance—it wouldn’t have mattered if Bruno chose a gold blazer or a t-shirt and jeans! With a band who provided Grade A energy, Mars chose a medley of hits like “Treasure” and “Locked out of Heaven” making us crave a longer performance!

Being chosen as the headliner for the Super Bowl halftime show definitely comes with perks and almost every request can be fulfilled. If you want only red M&Ms in your Green Room, someone will sort through bags and bags of the chocolate candies. If you want your performance to include a cameo from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the band will fly from sunny Los Angeles to freezing New Jersey to join you on stage! Although a short appearance, they definitely left fans wanting more and wondering when they’ll be the halftime show hosts… Maybe 2015?

With a rendition of “Give it Away,” we were honestly surprised with the way Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers sounded together. A mid-January mention of the Red Hot Chili Peppers joining the show caused skepticism all around the country mainly because when you think of similar artists, these two acts aren’t the first ones to come to mind. Never missing a beat, we were definitely satisfied with the collaborative effort! As that part of the performance concluded, Bruno slowed things down a bit with an extremely powerful rendition of “Just the Way You Are,” as a salute to the men and women constantly fighting for our country in the military.

We’ve posted the halftime performance above in case you missed it or just want the chance to re-watch an incredible display of talent. While there were no wardrobe malfunctions or controversy, Bruno Mars definitely proved he’s a legend who earned his title as the honorable halftime headliner! What did you think of the performance? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and share your thoughts!


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