Round2Crew’s “Get Away”

At WeKnowTheDJ, we don’t like to play favorites but occasionally a certain artist or group captures our attention and we become slightly obsessed! Way back in 2013, Blake brought our dedicated readers an exclusive interview with a “boy band of sorts,” Round2Crew. Since their first interview with WeKnowTheDJ, we’ve been watching closely as Chase Martin, Justin Brown (aka Pape) and Kevin Flynn continue to grow as individuals and pave their own road to success. Their dedication to their craft continues to amaze us and we’re so excited to watch these three guys take the world by storm!

On January 14th, the boys of Round2Crew began the next chapter of their music careers with an iTunes release of their single, “Get Away,” a choice that their fans immediately responded to. The track portrays a unique vibe that instantaneously got stuck in our heads. Within the past month, we’ve blasted “Get Away” during long car rides, en route to school and while getting ready for a night out with friends. All around the world, Round2Crew fans have memorized every lyric to song while anxiously awaiting the next step in the journey. Well, the wait is over! February 11th will go down as the day Round2Crew gave their fans an early Valentine’s Day gift—the “Get Away” music video!

The video, premiered during a UStream session with fans, starts with Pape living every teenage boy’s worst nightmare: being interrogated and kicked out of the house by a potential girlfriend’s father. A music career isn’t possible without determination and thick skin, qualities that clearly accompany the Round2Crew boys on and off camera. Pape turns a fairytale moment of throwing rocks at his damsel in distress’ window into a triple date with best friends Chase, Kevin and their dates.

An after-hours swim at a hotel pool quickly switches gears as the six young adults go underwater and resurface in the ocean’s waves. I’m not exactly sure where this magical pool is but in the middle of this snowstorm, I really wouldn’t mind being sent to such a gorgeous location! While we shouldn’t really condone sneaking out of your parents house to spend some time with your crush, we’re all for it if it’s the Round2Crew!

Featuring numerous outfit changes and backdrop locations, the entire “Get Away” video makes us wish we were on the beach getting away with the boys! For those of you who haven’t become familiar with Chase, Kevin and Pape, we’ve posted the “Get Away” video above and the link to Blake’s exclusive interview: This is just the beginning for the three of them and we’re going to be front row while watching their entire journey! Their EP, On Our Way, is being released on February 25th and I can guarantee this won’t be the last you’re hearing of Round2Crew on WeKnowTheDJ! What are your thoughts on the video? Are you R2C’s newest fan? Send us your thoughts at @weknowthedj!


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