WeKnowTheDJ Radio Volume 4

At WeKnowTheDJ, we spend week after week bringing you coverage of the latest trends throughout the music industry. After all, for us, it really is all about the music. In between bringing you updates from the world’s biggest acts and interacting with as many of you as possible on Twitter, we’re constantly on the look out for new music. But what if this week’s “new music” isn’t only “new” music? Instead of a new single or simple music video, this week we have an entire mixtape that you guys NEED to listen to. Why? Because it’s not just any mixtape…

That’s right- WeKnowTheDJ Radio Volume 4 has finally arrived! Yes, bossman DJ Tay James has pulled through again with an incredible display of today’s hottest tracks! If you’re looking for a simple straightforward progression through the tracklist, WeKnowTheDJ Radio Volume 4 definitely isn’t for you! In true Taylor James fashion, the tape is full of remixed versions and commentary from Tay and some of his closest friends! The mixtape has stars like you wouldn’t believe and makes us question your hearing if you ever thought a DJ Tay James product was less than dope. You might have heard some of these tracks on the radio but it wouldn’t be WeKnowTheDJ without a few exclusives so sit back and get ready because it’s time to listen!

First impression is key so it’s only appropriate that the newest WeKnowTheDJ mixtape begins with two of our favorite guys—Justin Bieber and Blake Kelly! JB and BK have been spending endless hours together in the studio and “Broken” is solid proof that hard work pays off! Justin’s right, they—whether it be the media, critics or fans—just want a reaction. We’ve stressed time and time again that the kid cannot be broken and he’s letting the music do the talking. Sorry haters, you won’t break Justin Bieber, he’s “way too strong for that.” Halfway through the track, one of our favorite up-and-coming artists, Blake Kelly, makes an appearance that shows he can roll in the big leagues. He says he’s “hoping and praying he’s gonna make it” but we can guarantee that he’s already made it.

“Broken” isn’t the only place you’ll find Justin Bieber and Blake Kelly on WeKnowTheDJ Radio Volume 4… they make numerous appearances throughout. BK shows up again with “For Some Money,” a track that’s about to be blasting through speakers on freeways and in the club—after all, it’s a banger! Speaking of bangers, Bieber makes another appearance on a remixed version of one of our favorite club tracks, “What’s Hatnin’” featuring Future and Sage The Gemini’s “Gas Pedal,” Both remixes are nothing short of GRADE A!

Speaking of up-and-coming artists ready to make their impact on the industry, Khalil makes a couple of appearances on the tape. As an artist always showing support toward the WeKnowTheDJ team, we love everything about both of his tracks! “Yeah She Know It” is a DJ Tay James exclusive and all about one of those girls who’s “bad and she knows it!” Later on, Birdman joins Khalil on “Bands Up,” a track we released a little earlier than the rest of the project in order to get fans hyped! For those of you not aware, Khalil is Justin Bieber’s best friend and new artist, an artist we’re excited to hear more from! Speaking of Bieber’s artists, PooBear makes an appearance on the tape with “Work For It,” a track that blew us away the first time we heard it. PooBear is notorious for his incredible production but it’s about time he shows off another undeniable talent—his vocals. I promise, this isn’t the last hit you’ll be hearing from PooBear!

While Bieber, Blake, Khalil and Poo are putting their own marks on WeKnowTheDJ Radio Volume 4, they’re definitely not the only stars! Bossman, DJ Tay James, has quite a few (or a couple thousand) connections in the industry so it’s only appropriate that he recruited a few of his friends to be involved in the project. With tracks from Drake, Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, Pusha T, Pharell, Ludacris, Jo StunnAH, Nicki Minaj, Mall Mal, Beyoncé, T-Pain, Riff Raff, French Montana, Meek Mill and many more! All of those huge names know the DJ, but do you?

For those of you who have been living under a rock or staying off of Twitter, the link for an exclusive LiveMixtapes download of WeKnowTheDJ Radio Volume 4 is at http://www.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/26517/we-know-the-dj-radio-4.html or you can listen/download below!

It’s safe to say that WeKnowTheDJ Radio Volume 4 will be on repeat for the next 6 months—at least! We have every intention of listening while doing schoolwork, researching topics, getting ready for a night out, driving around and simply hanging out. In the words of bossman himself, everything about this mixtape is GRADE A! What are your thoughts on WeKnowTheDJ Radio Volume 4? Are you as obsessed as the WeKnowTheDJ team is? Speaking of “the team,” we all want to send a HUGE congratulations to bossman, DJ Tay James for releasing an incredible mixtape—your talent amazes us daily!


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