Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Care

Miley Cyrus doesn’t care. Since cutting her hair and shedding her Hannah Montana alter ego, Miley has changed the fame game in just about every possible way. The 21-year old has confirmed numerous times that she simply doesn’t pay attention to what the critics think of her choices. Then again, there’s no reason for her to be worried about the naysayers. She’s an artist and at the end of the day, the focus should be on her craft. As one of today’s biggest stars, all eyes are on Cyrus as she continues to grow as an artist and a person but constant attention can be followed by downfalls—plain and simple, the world is waiting for Miley to mess up.

No matter who you are or what you do, there’s always going to be people who disagree with your decisions and take it upon themselves to talk badly of you. Miley Cyrus is no exception. Since opening night of her Bangerz Tour, Miley has captured everyone’s attention as the spotlight on her shines brighter than ever before. Whether you approve of her sliding down a giant tongue or find her outfit choices offensive, you’re still talking about her, giving her exactly what she wants. Love her or hate her, Miley Cyrus knows how to play the game and is arguably the smartest businesswoman in the industry.

Over the past year, Miley’s tongue has spent a significant amount of time out of her mouth so it’s only appropriate that she begins her show sliding down a giant slide. After opening night on Valentine’s Day, the Bangerz tour is still in its beginning stages and we’re excited to see what’s to come! We don’t want to give away too much information because we know so many of you have tickets to go see Miley “being Miley” on stage but we figured we’d recap some of the most memorable moments, thus far.

On February 22nd, Miley made her way back to Los Angeles to shut down the Staples Center by playing host to today’s hottest stars. As we scrolled our Twitter timelines on Saturday night, it seemed as if all of Hollywood made their way to watch Miley twerk and perform her heart out. Stars big and small stopped by the arena to show Cyrus unlimited amounts of support and everyone loved it—including Katy Perry who shared a kiss with Miley!

Also getting intimate with Miley on stage was none other than Matt Peterson in Phoenix last night. Who is Matt Peterson? Some of you may recognize him as the kid who asked Miley to prom… Well Matt, I think your onstage “prom” with Miley was a lot better than any high school prom! Check out the video for yourself below!

The show is complete with numerous risqué outfit changes, gold cars on stage, lifts, and excess dancers with themes switching throughout the show’s duration. Whether you get a kiss like Katy, prom like Matt or just get to watch from the audience, Bangerz is guaranteed to be a night to remember! Have you been to a show already? Do you have plans for when Miley stops in your city? Send us some tweets at @weknowthedj about the Bangerz tour; we’d love to read them!


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