OMG Music Fest 2014

The winter months are slowly disappearing which means one thing for music fans all around the globe—it’s almost “festival time!” That’s right, as the warm weather approaches, we’re ready to make endless memories at music festivals! Starting the spring off on the right foot, we’re heading to Chicago for the OMG Music Fest!

Chicago is the place to be on May 3rd as some of today’s hottest acts come together on one stage for a show that’s guaranteed to be an amazing time! For those of you who aren’t familiar with OMG Music Fest, it’s an event that was created by Lisa McQueen, more familiarly known as Austin Mahone’s aunt. Yes, Austin began his career at different OMG Music Fest venues all around the country and just look at him now, he’s currently on an MTV Artist to Watch tour! You never know where OMG’s performers will end up so this is definitely a show you won’t want to miss!

A little before 11pm on March 2nd, OMG Music Fest sent a tweet to their 13,000 followers to announce the first four performers! Voting is still open for the top 40, and we’re excited to see who ends up making the final cut—almost as excited as we are about the newly announced acts. While the show’s headliner has yet to be announced (Austin had to turn down the offer due to scheduling), we’re here to give you some insight into the first four confirmed artists.

Up first is none other than our favorite up and coming group, Round2Crew! That’s right, Chase, Pape and Manny will be making their way from Cincinnati to Chicago to put on a performance that’s guaranteed to get you jumping! The boys just performed at Valenteen Hoot in Nashville and they absolutely killed it giving us more reason to be excited for what they’re bringing to Chicago! Round2Crew is releasing their new EP titled, On Our Way, available to the public on March 11th! I’ve received confirmation from an inside source that the EP’s material is incredible and honestly, I’m not surprised at all—these boys have talent! Speaking of exclusives, I can definitely confirm that one of Round2Crew’s upcoming releases will drive you CRAZY in the best way possible! Lips are sealed for now but get excited! From a brand new EP, a new video segment titled Day2Day, a remix or two and a confirmed appearance in Chicago with more to be announced soon, Round2Crew is a name you need to become familiar with!

Speaking of artists from Cincinnati, Dylan Holland will also be travelling to Chicago for the OMG Music Fest! A huge face at TeenHoot concerts all around the world, Dylan’s popularity is growing by the day and we have endless faith in him to make it big! With an ever-expanding fan base and unlimited potential, Dylan’s performance at the OMG Music Fest is definitely going to be one you won’t want to miss! Rumor has is that Dylan’s been working hard on music so we’re not quite sure what to expect in Chicago but we’re almost positive that it’ll be a performance for the history books!

Confirmed to be joining Round2Crew and Dylan Holland on stage is Tyler Matl and Caleb and Nathan from Alabama Capital. Both Tyler and Alabama Capital have made numerous appearances at festivals around the country and their talent is undeniable! Tyler just released a single, Gravity, on iTunes so be sure to download that so you’ll be ready to sing along in Chicago! After watching Alabama Capital perform at Nashville’s Valenteen Hoot last month, I can confirm that their stage presence is undeniable and you’re going to love them!

For those of you who spend endless hours on Twitter, we have a few people for you to follow—@Round2Crew, @TheDylanHolland, @tylermatl, @alabamACapital, and @OMGMusicFest! Also, head over to to vote for the acts you’d like to see on stage—every vote helps! Some members of the WeKnowTheDJ team will definitely be in the audience on May 3rd and we’re looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible! Will you be making an appearance? Who else would you like to see on stage? Send us some tweets at @weknowthedj and share your ideas!


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