Khalil’s “Zone” Music Video

As days pass, the temperature isn’t the only thing heating up! We’re back with an exclusive look into the career of an artist who just keeps getting hotter! Khalil, Justin Bieber’s newest artist, showed the world a preview of his talent with Bands Up and Yeah She Know It on our very own WeKnowTheDJ Radio Volume 4 and now he’s back with even more! Bieber’s 20th birthday included a trip to the Bahamas for the Canadian superstar and his closest family and friends but it seems as if this trip included a gift for all of us!

When a group of young adults, all with unique talents, spend an extended amount of time together in a gorgeous location, the creativity starts to flow. What happens when you combine Khalil’s musical talents, Lil Za’s rapping and Ryan Butler’s filmmaking skills? The brand new music video for Zone, a collaboration track from Khalil and Lil Za, produced by Mark the Mogul.

The video, originally posted on WorldStar and now posted below, takes full advantage of the island’s scenery. From docks and walls to the beach and the ocean, Butler’s camera work is magnificent as he capture’s the perfect visual for the track. Although Khalil and Lil Za are the only two featured on the track’s credit but they’re not the only ones we see throughout the video. A cameo from Blake Kelly and DJ Tay James’ tye-dye hat proves that the WeKnowTheDJ vibe is strong throughout the video’s duration.

Khalil brings a newer sound to the music scene, leaving us curious for what’s to come throughout his career. Many viewers were shocked at Lil Za’s rapping skills but we knew he had it in him! Justin Bieber makes an appearance in the video during Za’s verse but you have to listen closely as he raps about his friendship with Bizzle. Khalil, Lil Za, Ryan Butler and Justin Bieber have all be extremely supportive of the entire WeKnowTheDJ team and we’re sending all of the love and support right back to them! Watch out world, the future belongs to these boys! What are your thoughts on the Zone video? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know!


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