Cody Simpson’s “Surfboard”

Yes Cody Simpson, I’m caught up in that new California love—or maybe it’s love for a Gold Coast native who is taking the world by storm!

At 7:00pm Eastern time on April 14th, Cody Simpson gave The Insider the exclusive world premiere of his newest music video, Surfboard. As the almost-four minute video was premiering on the Yahoo social network TV show, Cody took some time to interact with his Angels in a Twitter chat. Op Ocean Pacific was kind enough to support the video’s production so it’s only appropriate that Cody used #opSURFBOARDvideo to choose which tweets would get answered. If you missed Cody’s Twitter chat, I’ve posted everything you need to know right below!

It only took a day to film the music video but a week to edit and properly color it. He insists that the amazingly talented cast/crew was the best part of filming the surfboard video. For Cody, the best thing about being on Dancing With The Stars was meeting great people and learning new dances (I’m just really excited to see those moves on tour!). Speaking of touring, Cody insists that he has a bunch of plans in the work and urges everyone to stay tuned (he even added a heart so you know it must be pretty big!). Cody prefers pizza over nachos would love to duet with Jack Johnson and prefers blue to purple. He’s also working on new music this week—cue the screams!!

As 7:30pm EST rolled around on Monday night, I took my headphones from my bag, hoping my professor wouldn’t catch me paying more attention to Cody’s video than I was to the lesson. I was in a Media Studies lecture and the Surfboard video is new media so that has to count for something, right? The first five seconds into the video, I could already tell this would become one of my favorite music videos to date. In true Cody Simpson style, the track and video make you crave summer! Hey Cody, if Gigi is busy and you ever need someone to visit you while you’re building a board—you know where to find me! Yes, Cody’s real-life girlfriend Gigi Hadid plays his on-screen love interest and their chemistry is undeniable!

With an appearance from the Beats Music app, Cody picks the perfect “at work and feel like chilling out with my thoughts to the 60s” song, more commonly known as Surfboard. Cody’s in-office TV turns into a scene straight out of a 60s movie before Gigi appears to help build a surfboard—I guess my offer was rejected! I don’t want to give away too much of the music video but I need to thank Witney Carson for helping Cody perfect his dance moves because wow, that boy can move! The full Surfboard music video is posted right below so check that out as soon as possible!

Surfboard has been on repeat for weeks and so has the music video, directed by YoungAstronaut. Plain and simple, I’m obsessed! Are you? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj to share your thoughts! You can watch the video above or on Cody’s YouTube channel; also be sure to download it from iTunes at ‪ And Cody, let me know if you need someone to wake up with you on the beach down in Mexico, I won’t even ask how we got there!


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