Asher Roth’s “Retro Hash”

Plain and simple: April is all about Asher! On April 20, 2009, a young kid shook the world’s sound waves with his debut album, Asleep in the Bread Aisle. April 22, 2014 will be remembered as the day that same kid showed the world that he grew up. The much-anticipated release of his sophomore album, Retrohash (which happens to be an anagram of his name!) is exactly what we’ve been waiting for. Five years ago, Asher Roth was the beer pong champ. Today, he’s well on his way to becoming the champ of the iTunes chart! Sixteen hours after the release of Retrohash, Roth tweeted “so this is what an album release feels like.” Yes, Ash, this is exactly how it’s supposed to be!

After a split from Def Jam, Asher placed a huge obstacle on his own path, as he needed to figure out how to go from a college kid with a major record deal to an independent artist attempting to break the status quo. Retrohash does just that; the status quo has been broken as Roth proves once again that he’s in a league of his own! If anything, it’s refreshing to see Asher taking risks and trying new things while doing whatever he wants. People are calling it a comeback but Retrohash almost proves to be an introduction to the artist that Asher Roth wants to be, not one held back by a major record label.

In my opinion, Retrohash is the perfect background music for a seemingly perfect summer. Its laid-back vibe and unique vibe makes it easy to jam along to, no matter where you are, although a windows-down car ride would definitely be my suggestion. Unfortunately, the first time I listened to Retrohash, I was as far from a windows-down car ride as possible. Believe it or not, a 200-person college lecture simply doesn’t compare to the “wind through your hair” feeling accompanying a summer car ride. I want to know your opinions on Retrohash so head over to ‪ and download the album!

Something you don’t see on many albums today is an abundance of collaborations but that’s exactly what Asher did with Retrohash. Roth enlisted friends ZZ Ward, Curren$y, Coyle Girelli, Major Myjah, Chuck Inglish and Vic Mensa for seven of the project’s tracks. Why would an artist choose to release a sophomore album that’s 70% collaborations? Plain and simple, Roth feels that music is super communal and he enjoys collaborations and working with other artists. Can you blame him? I can’t, especially if he’s choosing artists that are undeniably talented!

Without assistance from a major label, Roth has come to the realization that live shows are the way to go when trying to spread his sound. For Asher to understand this concept, he’s already a step ahead of the game. One thing that everyone needs to accept is that Asher Roth puts on a hell of a show! I was a freshman in high school when I saw Asher perform live for the first time during a show with Dylan Owen, a kid I went to high school with—coincidently the same year I saw Justin Bieber perform live for the first time for 40 people at a waterpark in upstate New York.

Speaking of live performances, Asher celebrated his album’s release on stage at the Troubadour in West Hollywood and all of my sources have confirmed that the entire show was unreal! Tweets from concertgoers were full of suspense and excitement, something I’d expect during an Asher Roth show! In today’s music industry, a show isn’t complete without a surprise or two so the crowd was pleasantly surprised when Asher’s management mate Tori Kelly joined him onstage for “Parties at the Disco.” One thing we’ve all learned about SB Management artists is they all love to jam out together, whether in Scooter Braun’s living room or in front of a huge crowd making me wonder who else will be joining Roth as he spreads his sound worldwide.

Asher insists that he believes in himself and in the work that he’s doing so I can speak for everyone at WeKnowTheDJ and anyone who knows good music when I say that we believe in you too, Asher! Ash has called Retrohash a genuine expression of himself—something that all listeners can appreciate! How do you feel about Retrohash and Asher Roth? Which track is your favorite? Will you be in the crowd when he stops in your city? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and share your thoughts, we’d love to hear them!


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