In the Spotlight: Timeflies

If you follow any members of the WeKnowTheDJ team and pay attention to their likes and dislikes, chances are you’ve seen them praise Timeflies. It’s safe to say that Cal Shapiro and Rob Resnick have created a sound that we’ll forever be grateful for. Like everything else in this world, the music industry operates in trends: plain and simple, something’s hot or it’s not. The only problem with trends is they get repetitive and sometimes even boring. That’s where Timeflies comes in to save the day—or at least our eardrums!

Anyone familiar with Timeflies knows all about Timeflies Tuesdays, a weekly video series that Cal and Rez post on YouTube for their loyal fans. Timeflies Tuesday is dedicated to covers of popular songs—for example, Let It Go, Royals and We Can’t Stop have all been posted recently. April 29th wasn’t a normal Timeflies Tuesday, it’s arguably the best one of 2014. How can one segment be better than the other fifty-one? Well… April 29th also happens to be known as album release day!! That’s right, After Hours was finally available on iTunes as the clock struck midnight and over the course of the week, I’ve become obsessed with the entire album!

Before I get into project’s tracks, I might as well give you a little background information on Cal Shapiro and Rob “Rez” Resnick. In 2010, the two met in college and formed a band where Cal rapped over Rez’s beatboxing. Believe it or not, that band would become known to the world as Timeflies. Although they began at house parties in college (because you can’t spend all of your time in the library!), they’ve definitely moved onto bigger and better venues! I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t enjoyed the band’s work. My peers aren’t the only ones impressed—Vanity Fair has called them “musical masterminds” and last year, they were named one of Billboard’s 13 Artists to Watch in 2013. After listening to After Hours on repeat more times than I’d like to admit, I’m putting the album and Timeflies on top of my 14 Things You Need to Listen to in 2014 list!

Okay, I promise my album review is coming in a few lines but first, I think it’s necessary to talk about the album as a whole. In terms of record labels, After Hours is Timeflies’ debut album—kind of. Cal and Rez released The Scotch Tape back in 2011 but After Hours is their first full-length album under their own label, Forty8Fifty. After Hours is unique in so many ways, especially how it spans all genres. If you like music, you’re practically guaranteed to like this album. The project includes pop, EDM, rock and hip-hop… Sometimes all four sounds are mashed together!

Before you read any further, I suggest you head over to and grab your copy of After Hours! Okay okay, now what everyone’s really been waiting for—my opinion on a few of the track from the Deluxe Version of After Hours!

Start It Up Again: The first 10 seconds of the album insist that Timeflies has “showed up to throw down” and I see no problem with that! Almost everyone has experienced a boring night out or a night that ended sooner than expected but that won’t be the case if you party with Timeflies! “When you start thinking that the night would end, we can start it up again.” The dance vibe throughout the entirety of the track is a perfect way to start off the album. Start It Up Again is definitely one of those tracks you’ll be pregaming to—responsibly!

All the Way: I have no doubt that All the Way will be stuck in your head at all hours of the day. The track’s beat is one that will keep your head moving as you jam out to the slow paced so. “Hey-hey-hey,” I’m kind of obsessed with this one!

All We Got Is Time: “Summertime, roof off, driving ‘round with my shoes off” sounds absolutely perfect right about now! Between a brutal winter and an excess amount of schoolwork, summer vacation is much needed! A perfect addition to your summer playlist, All We Got Is Time needs to be in your iTunes library! I can guarantee that this track is an instant mood-booster!

Crystal Ball: Slowing things down (but only a little bit), Crystal Ball is Cal and Rez’s way of showing how grateful they are for the life they’ve been given. With a peter pan reference, the rapping on Crystal Ball hasn’t slowed down—truly portraying the talents of Cal and Rez. After all, it’s all about turning “daydreams into daytimes.”

Somebody Gon Get It (feat. T-Pain): Released earlier than April 29th, Somebody Gon Get It was one of those tracks that had us wondering but… the Timeflies/T-Pain collaboration exceeded all of our expectations! The EDM-base of the track is perfect for a night—100% appropriate because that’s exactly what the lyrics are about! I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if Somebody Gon Get It is playing in clubs all over the world soon—possibly by bossman, DJ Tay James.

Fall (feat. Fabolous): Keeping the slow pace, Fall reminds us that sometimes it’s better to “just slow down” because it’s most likely “time for you to look around.” As After Hours was downloading onto my iTunes, I was a little skeptical about a feature from Fabolous but… Timeflies proved once again that they definitely know what sounds work!

At this point, I may hold the record for listening to After Hours from start to finish on repeat—oops? It’s safe to say that this is just the beginning for Cal and Rez and I’m super excited to see where their talent takes them. What’s next? More music, of course! Timeflies was recently photographed in the studio with one of our favorite up and coming rappers, Jake Miller. My guess is that we’ll also see a collaboration from Timeflies and Sammy Adams at some point in the near future—stay tuned! Have you downloaded After Hours? Are you loving it? Which track is your favorite? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know!


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