Spending Sunday with Sammy Adams

As May rolls around, most college students realize that skipping a majority of their classes throughout the semester to “catch up” on sleep probably wasn’t the smartest idea. Believe it or not, learning five months of material in a week isn’t as easy as it sounds but… Welcome to finals week! As my classmates spent their weekend studying, I accepted a better offer. Instead of writing my research paper or studying for my exams, like I should have been, I spent my Sunday afternoon with Sammy Adams!

Everyone knows that the WeKnowTheDJ team has always been and always will be all about the music. Over the years, while focusing on the music, we’ve built strong relationships with incredible artists who constantly remind us why we do what we do. We’re all about supporting the people who support us and Sammy Adams has shown nothing but support for our entire team. When given the opportunity to see Sammy perform and spend some time with him, I knew it would be impossible decline the offer.

After a quick tweet, a few messages back and forth and an absurd amount of traffic, Meg (who just happens to be my best friend and the assistant editor of weknowthedj.com) and I got to experience Sammy Adams doing what he does best—performing for his fans. Monmouth University was the place to be on May 4th as Sammy Adams took the stage as the main performer at the university’s annual SpringFest. Turns out that the concert was a “Monmouth students only” event but when the artist personally invites you, you get past the security table—thanks again, Sammy! The forecast forced the university to move the concert indoors and that might have been the best idea. Although the anticipated thunderstorm never showed up, moving the stage indoors gave Sammy more opportunities to interact with the crowd.

Speaking of the crowd, Monmouth students know how to party—I’ll leave out the details but I definitely saw more of some people than was necessary. The gymnasium’s energy skyrocketed as Sammy made his appearance on stage. At this point, I’m pretty sure every student at Monmouth is officially a Sammy Adams fan. Early in the show, Sammy got the crowd hyped with “I Hate College,” his extremely popular remix to Asher Roth’s “I Love College.” Finals week may cause millions of students throughout the country to hate college right now but Monmouth University definitely didn’t hate SpringFest. Adams kept the energy flowing as he transitioned into tracks like “Comin’ Up,” “All Night Longer” and even his remix to Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Although Sammy played numerous tracks, the three I just mentioned definitely got the crowd jumping.

This was the third year in a row I’ve seen Sammy perform but Sunday was my first time watching him in an intimate setting. The past two years, I’ve seen Sammy perform during outdoor radio festivals, usually on the hottest day of summer, so this past weekend was definitely a nice change. I definitely won’t be waiting until 2015 to see him perform again! If you’re ever given the opportunity to attend a concert where Sammy Adams is performing, don’t pass it up—plain and simple, he puts on one hell of a show.

After spending some time with Sammy, I thought the day couldn’t get better… Until he sent out a tweet at 10:30 on Sunday night saying a new song would be released in “30 minutes.” Proving once again that he keeps his word, a second tweet was posted at 11PM with an attached SoundCloud link. Opening the link, “You&Me” automatically became the perfect Sunday night surprise.

I’ve posted the link to “You&Me” above so go give it a listen and send me a tweet at @weknowthedj! Before I leave you guys for a little while (I should probably work on this paper and start studying), I want to know your thoughts on Sammy Adams so head on over to the weknowthedj twitter. Also, I’d like to thank Sammy Adams and his entire team for the invite and great experience—I’ll see you sometime soon!


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