Summer Throwbacks

Well, it’s finally our favorite time of the year- that’s right, WeKnowTheDJ readers, it’s finally summer! Last summer, we spent a few months travelling the United States and Canada with Biebs on a tour that left all of us with incredible memories but this summer, our story is unwritten. The possibilities are endless; you never know where you’ll run into someone from the WeKnowTheDJ team! While I can’t tell you where we’ll be, I can tell you what we’ll be listening to.

Music released throughout the summer is always incredible so expect to see plenty of articles on about new releases but right now, I’m taking it back old school- kind of. The past few years, we’ve received some amazing tracks that definitely shouldn’t be forgotten about this summer! I’ve posted some of my favorite “throwback” tracks, all guaranteed to get you in a summertime type of mood.

Bringing it back to 2007, the Plain White T’s are helping us out on days we just feel like reminiscing. Ideal for bonfires or rainy summer days, “Hey There Delilah” is one of those tracks that will always be relevant. The guitar provides the perfect background as you think about that special person and what they do to you. After all, 1000 miles seems pretty far but by the time that we get through, the world will never ever be the same.

This next track is one we’ll cherish forever as we get ready to say goodbye to one of our favorite boy bands. Unfortunately, The Wanted is splitting up later this week (expect longer post about this from Yours Truly within the next few days) but on a positive note, they’ve given us amazing songs. “We Own The Night” is one of my personal favorites and a track that can get anyone ready to party… Fingers crossed that this summer be one where we sing and dance ‘til we lose our minds.

Speaking of livin’ it up ‘til the morning, Sammy Adams and Mike Posner are pulling through with my next pick. If y’all haven’t heard “LA Story,” you’re really missing out. Everyone has dreams of living their own LA Story, either in LA or anywhere else in the world, so why not use this summer to finally chase those dreams? I know the WeKnowTheDJ team will be working hard toward their goals, so you should too! For those of you who haven’t heard Sammy’s remix to “Me&You” be sure to check it out at ___ and get ready for some new music—hopefully this year!

Next up is that Canadian kid you’ve probably heard of once or twice. For those of you not sure who I’m talking about, he goes by the name Justin Bieber. Chances are you’ve listened to most of his tracks but “What’s Hatnin’” featuring Future is one that will be in clubs everywhere this summer! I also have every intention of blasting it with my windows down all summer long! Based on what I’ve heard from bossman, Bieber is getting ready to release some incredible music that’s going to change the game completely. So if you know someone who’s been sleeping on Bieber and his talent, tell them to get ready… Although I’m not sure too many people are sleeping on Justin Bieber anymore.

Last but certainly not least, I’m leaving this spot to someone who knows all about summer. Aussie teen heartthrob Cody Simpson is getting ready to head to Europe for the summer for tour but I’m ready to jam out to “Pretty Brown Eyes” over and over again. There’s no denying that the track is extremely catch and is practically guaranteed to leave you in a great mood. If you’re looking to keep the Cody Simpson theme going, “Surfboard” is always a good choice. I’ve also been told from one of my insiders that Cody’s new work is a whole new sound that’s really going to help skyrocket Cody’s career.

Whether you prefer old school, tracks from within the past decade or today’s Top 40, it’s safe to assume that there will be plenty of music for you to listen to this summer! We’ll be providing coverage all summer long on the hottest acts, new artists, big announcements and a lot of new music so be sure to stay tuned! What do you think of my top 5 list? What do you want to see covered on the site? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and share your thoughts!


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