Austin Mahone’s “The Secret”

A while back, we were introduced to Austin Mahone, an 18-year-old from San Antonio, Texas. Earlier this week, Mahone released his first high-profile project, one year after making his Billboard Hot 100 debut. Finding his start on the Internet and attracting millions of fans, Mahone knows what he’s doing in terms of social media but does he have what it takes to make an everlasting change in the music industry?

An eight-track EP, titled The Secret is just that—a secret weapon necessary to turn Austin Mahone from some kid on YouTube to a respected mainstream artist.

A long time ago, someone somewhere said Rome wasn’t built in a day (or at least that’s what my mom tells me…) but I’m guessing Austin and his team have heard that same phrase once or twice. If anything The Secret is the next step in building the Austin Mahone Empire. At 27 minutes long, the EP is hard to dislike, giving us a perfect mix of party tracks and ballads. If The Secret is any sort of introduction for what’s to come from Austin Mahone, I’m excited to see where his career takes him.

Check out my track-by-track review of The Secret below:

  1. Till I Find You: Produced by RedOne, “Till I Find You,” is a safe start for the 18 year old. Sirens immediately greet us as Austin sings about a picture found in his phone after a night out. The track reminds me of something released by a 90s boyband but as Austin continues on his journey, that might not be a bad thing. It’s definitely an exciting song, making me anxious to see how Austin performs the track during his upcoming tour.
  2. Next to You: Ten seconds into this song and I already want to dance to it in a club, especially if Bossman DJ Tay James is being the turntable. As the bass kicks, Austin insists he’ll be “next to you,” making every Mahomie swoon. The electronic sound throughout the three-minute track makes it almost impossible for “Next to You” to not be stuck in your head.
  3. Mmm Yeah: As Austin’s first single from The Secret, “Mmm Yeah” has been stuck in our heads for months. Whether on commercials or the radio, you’ve definitely heard “Mmm Yeah” way too many times! Featuring Pitbull, the track was definitely the right choice as the debut single, getting everyone excited for the rest of the tracks on The Secret.
  4. Secret: Sticking to the boyband theme, “Secret” is easily the EP’s strongest track as Austin tries to convince that lucky lady that he’s the one she should share her secrets with. Would you share your secrets with Austin Mahone?
  5. Can’t Fight This Love: Definitely a sequel to Austin’s earlier release, “What About Love,” “Can’t Fight This Love” is all about that one first love that everyone remembers. Overly emotional with percussion featured throughout the track, this is one you’ll be able to relate to.
  6. All I Ever Need: Produced by Mahone himself, “All I Ever Need” is a slow jam with incredible potential. The beat comes together perfectly as Austin finds his talent and puts on an incredible performance. “All I Ever Need” definitely ranks toward the top of my list for favorite tracks on this EP.
  7. The One I’ve Waited For: Sticking with the heartfelt theme, Mahone professes his undying love and leaves me wondering who this mystery girl is. My guess is this will be the track to attract the most screams, especially with mention of the possibility to spend eternity with Austin Mahone. Moms and dads grab your earplugs—your little fangirls just realized a new dream!
  8. Shadow: Ending things off with a slow ballad, Austin’s voice and charisma proves to be perfect for the stripped-down theme of “Shadow.” Already a fan favorite, and worthy of the spot, “Shadow” is one that people will be talking about for a long time.

Earlier this year, I didn’t know much about Austin Mahone but today, I’m ready to see where his future takes him. What are your thoughts on The Secret? Are you seeing Austin on tour this summer? If you haven’t heard the EP in its entirety, you can grab it on iTunes at ______ or listen on Spotify. Let me know what you think by sending a tweet to @weknowthedj—I look forward to hearing from you!


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