Another Tour for Justin Bieber?

Over the past two years, we’ve traveled near and far and we’ve been amazed by one of the world’s most incredible performers over and over again. Of course, I’m talking about none other than Justin Bieber and his historic Believe Tour. With 156 scheduled shows and one surprise show for charity in the Philippines, Bieber definitely kept us on our toes every day. Between vocals that will blow you away, an incredible light show and thousands of screaming fans, nothing compares to a 90-minute set, designed by JB. A recent paparazzi video has Beliebers all over the world asking: Is Justin Bieber going on another tour soon?!

Well, it only makes sense, right? Yes, cue the screams because I have a feeling a new tour is coming sooner than expected! We all know how the music industry works: an artist spends endless hours working on an incredible album, promotes the album, people hear the music and fall in love with every track and then the artist packs up and travels the world to share the music with their dedicated fans. What makes Bieber any different? Over the past few years I’ve learned three huge facts about Justin Bieber the artist and more importantly, Justin Bieber the person. 1. Justin loves his loyal fans more than anything. 2. Music will forever be JB’s way to express exactly what he’s feeling, especially in a world where stories are twisted every second of the day. 3. Traveling the world to perform for his fans is Bieber’s favorite thing. So combine those three facts with current events and I can guarantee Bieber will be back in your city sooner than you’re expecting!

While no official confirmation has been released, we can assume a few ideas about Justin’s upcoming projects. While I don’t think his next track list will look like that Shots one that was floating around on Twitter for a while (you know what I’m talking about), I’ll bet right now that there’s going to be some pretty impressive tracks featured as part of his “best music to date.” Here’s what we know about what Bieber’s been working on:

  • He’s been in the studio with artists and producers who are incredibly talented… Need a few big names? We’ve seen Instagram posts with Austin Mahone, the Young Money team, Lil Wayne, Kid Cudi, Madison Beer, Soulja Boy, Poo Bear, Ariana Grande, Khalil and more.
  • The twenty-year-old has posted a significant amount of pictures from photo shoots and looks amazing in each—hmmm maybe that campaign is coming sooner than we though—stay tuned!
  • Snippets from unreleased songs are released almost weekly, making us even more excited for the future!
  • He’s already released tracks like “Hard 2 Face Reality” and “We Were Born For This,” giving us sneak-peeks at what we can expect from his new sound. Then again, Bieber’s taught us to always expect the unexpected.

Now I don’t want to give too much away, especially because Justin’s enjoying this year and taking some time for himself but I do know that people definitely aren’t ready for what’s to come. Now remember, nothing official has been announced but new music always leads to a new album, which results in a new tour. So yes, Bieber fans, start saving your money because things are about to get really exciting! I’m anxious to see what Biebs comes up with and I’ll be waiting patiently (or impatiently) just like the rest of you. Stay tuned at for all of the latest details and be sure to send us a tweet at @weknowthedj to share your thoughts. Who knows, maybe we’ll see you on tour!


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