Sammy Adams’ “Wizzy”

As Sammy Adams continues on this journey through the music industry, his talents shine through and carry him forward each day but sometimes you just need to bring it back to the basics. Before living his LA Story, Adams made his initial mark on the world as Boston’s Boy, a title that has definitely returned with the release of WIZZY. Yes, Sammy Adams fans, cue “Matty Trump” and “Champs League” because Wizzy’s back!

Sammy Adams recently signed to Sony/RCA Records and has returned to his old self as he personally insists the artist portrayed on this free album is “me.” He’s right back to telling stories over productions while digging up his roots. Adams’ fans will definitely have this project, an exclusive presented by DJ JayCeeOh, on repeat over the next few months. I’ve posted my track-by-track opinion below so be sure to check that out because I guarantee you’ll be hearing these songs everywhere this summer!

Best Kept Secret (Produced by Vinlyz): Posted to his SoundCloud account a week before the rest of the mixtape, “Best Kept Secret” is just that: the best kept secret. As the introduction to WIZZY, “Best Kept Secret” reminds listeners why they originally fell in love with Sammy’s style. Right now, Sammy’s only focused on two things: family and music… because let’s be honest, what more do you really need? Adams might have “come up from the bottom” but right now, he’s definitely the “motherf***in’ man.”

You & Me (Flume Remix): For those of you who don’t remember, I got to spend some quality time with Sammy Adams about a month ago. Later that night, he released brand new music, a single titled “You & Me,” for his loyal fans. Now I can’t take credit for the music being released but in my fantasy world, I’m going to pretend that I had something to do with it! As a New Yorker, I’m not supposed to like anything from Boston but the talent’s flowing from Boston’s Boy, something we can all agree on!

Answers (Produced by OCKF): He says we’re not ready and he might just be right about that. I hate admitting defeat but I definitely wasn’t ready for the quality of this mixtape. Sure, Sammy’s always been one of my favorite rappers and favorite people but he’s outdone himself once again on this project. By the way—he’s not lying when he says “your girl’s on the guest list plus three”—trust me, I’ve been there!

Back On Tracks (Produced by Sudadups): Sammy Adams is at top-speed so we can’t blame him for feeling like he’s moving too fast. Whether going at a super pace or following that whole slow and steady wins the race thing, Sammy’s already winning. Although he hasn’t been home in a while, he doesn’t want to be anywhere else, especially when the stage is his office and his fans are the bosses.

Told You So featuring Baby E (Produced by OCKF): This one’s all about that feeling that everyone’s experienced at least once. You know that feeling I’m talking about—the one where you decide it’s better to be “just friends.” But on this track, Sammy and Baby E come through to show the other side, proving that they told you so. Which is the track’s best line? “There ain’t anyone like me, now that you see that, I know you regret that.” Believers in karma, the guys know what goes around comes around.

Go Get It (Produced by OCKF): Girl, go get it. That’s exactly what Sammy is urging to Katie and Ash to do. Katie hitchhiked her way from New York City, across the city. With tears messing mascara up and numerous strangers, Sammy reminds her that the new world is all hers. Cutting her ropes, it’s just her and him now. Blonde-haired Ash is from the west side, simply trying to snap her bad luck. Sammy saves the day again, setting her free from the roped tied behind her back. I know I’m feeling this track.

The Comeback (Produced by Dem Jointz): Boston’s had a rough year so it’s heartwarming to see Sammy pay tribute to his home city with “The Comeback.” Briefly touching base on the horrific Boston Marathon Bombing and Rolling Stones controversially posting the terrorist on their cover, memories flood back as the music plays in your headphones. Goosebumps arise as Sammy says, “On the way to being better than it ever was, comeback season, know it’s only love, homecoming.” The lyrics don’t lie—East Coast boy made it after all.

Loser featuring Jared Evan and Easy Money (Produced by Statik Selektah): Nearing the end of the mixtape, Sammy enlists Jared Evan and Easy Money for some help on this track. This one’s for those people who we like to refer to as “hangers,” you know, the people that pretend to be your friend when you have something to offer. You’re right, Sammy, we’re not kids anymore.

Good Life featuring Colliebuddz (Produced by Sudadups): We’ve all lost someone way too soon and chances are, the pain of it becomes overwhelming at times. “Good Life” is Sammy Adams’ way of reminding us that our loved ones are smiling down at us every time we look up and they’re the ones picking us up when we fall.

Sail Away (Produced by Jaylien West and Wizzy): Plain and simple, “Sail Away” is for the haters. That’s right, we’re throwing our middle fingers up to the haters. In an industry as competitive as the music world, it’s no surprise that competition and hate exist but as always, Sammy Adams comes out on top. Now seems like an appropriate time for some #weknowthedjwisdom so I’ll make it short and sweet: love is stronger than all other forces. So haters, bon voyage!

Plate It (Produced by Scram Jones): For growing up on hippie rock, not hip-hop, Sammy Adams sure knows what he’s doing within the hip-hop game. If WIZZY has proven anything, it’s that Sammy’s talent is undeniable. The only complaint about this track is the ending, mainly because I’m in denial that the project has come to a close.

Final Verdict: Sammy Adams wasn’t exaggerating when he tweeted “this shit feels right” because this is definitely a project to be proud of! I know what I’ll be listening to on repeat over the next few months! Sammy Adams, you’ve impressed me once again!


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