Justin Bieber, Underdog?

By definition, an underdog is a competitor thought to have little or no chance of winning a fight or contest. We have a tendency to root for the underdog, partially because we live in a society notorious for building people up only to tear them down. In 2008, Justin Bieber became the entertainment industry’s underdog. When he first appeared on YouTube, the general public viewed Bieber as a young kid with a nice haircut, destined to be another “one hit wonder.” We’ve seen endless one hit wonders come and go (usually quicker than the seasons) but Bieber simply can’t be included in that category. After skyrocketing to stardom, nobody was expecting some young Canadian kid to achieve world domination but six years, five number one albums and millions of fans later, Justin Bieber continues to capture everyone’s attention. By choice, the twenty-year-old has remained the underdog.

Over the course of our lives, we’ve seen countless celebrity mishaps, usually forgotten or forgiven after a brief time period. One scandal becomes talk of the town until another “breaking news” story appears—unless you’re Justin Bieber. Almost every day over the past two years, we’ve seen headlines stating Bieber is in some sort of trouble. As an outsider looking in, it seems Justin’s only legitimate problem is the fact that he can’t go a single day without being falsely accused of some ridiculous action. As Justin Bieber finds himself in the news for the most unrealistic situations, the general public always reacts in one of two ways. One side automatically thinks of the kid as some crazy person who needs to be deported back to Canada as the other end of the spectrum realizes most of these stories are fabricated and completely unnecessary. Spitting on fans… Really? As the world watches and waits for Bieber to mess up, now is the perfect time for the “All That Matters” singer to pick up the pieces and make the comeback of a lifetime.

As much as it seems like Justin Bieber can’t catch a break, recent stories might be coming to light at the perfect time. There’s no way to deny he’s matured at an unbelievable rate within the past six months. In an effort to become a better person, Justin has accepted the position of a role model as he takes responsibility for his past actions and encourages his young fans to not make the same mistakes. At twenty years old, 2014 is the perfect time for Bieber’s transition from teen heartthrob to respected adult musician. It’s no secret that Justin uses music as a form of therapy, stringing lyrics together as the only reliable method of sharing his words with the world. In a society where every statement can be misquoted, Justin only feels comfortable releasing his inner thoughts and emotions through music.

With the release of Music Mondays and Journals, we witnessed the incredible creation of R&Bieber. No longer seen as this young kid with floppy hair and a high-pitched voice Justin instantly attracted thousands of new fans. Transitioning from young pop songs to mature R&B tracks, music fans all over the world were willing to give Bieber a chance.

In a December 2013 interview with Power 106, Bieber insisted the end of a serious relationship and his first real heartbreak resulted in the best music. Seven months ago, that may have been the truth but I have a feeling his upcoming releases are going to be even better!

Recently, we’ve captured JB working hard in the studio with some incredible collaborators. By working hard with extremely talented producers, artists and writers, Bieber’s taking the right path as he strives for his first Grammy. Releasing “Hard 2 Face Reality,” “We Were Born For This” and “Looking For You” as previews for what’s to come, I have no doubt that Bieber will earn his spot at the top. Quick to apologize for his wrongdoings, it’s now up to Justin to find a way to bounce back and remind everyone that the focus should be on his craft.

It’s time for the Stratford-native to share his thoughts through music with the release of a new album. As an artist, he needs to release content that comes from the heart that reminds listeners why he’s one of the best in the game. As long as he acts genuine and learns from recent struggles, the world will listen and forgive. For now, we need to give Bieber some space to process everything and re-evaluate the important things in life. Although he’s still a kid, right now is a crucial period for him to grow as a person. As he continues to take the year off, we’ll be anxiously waiting to hear what’s next. Biebs, you know we’re always on your side!


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