‘N Sync in Concert

A recent obsession with the app TimeHop has caused me to get sentimental almost daily. Isn’t it crazy how things don’t change day-by-day but they’re completely different once you look at the big picture? Well, today’s not just WeKnowTheDJ Wednesday, it’s also Way Back Wednesday as we turn the hands of time back sixteen years. Yes, that’s right, June 11, 1998 was a huge day for music lovers—especially those obsessed with 90’s boy bands!

Now would be a good time for you to close your eyes and imagine this: the summer heat has arrived, the humidity is at an all-time high and we’re at the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida for the beginning of an era that would change the music world forever! Sixteen years ago was the beginning of ‘N Sync’s first North American tour, appropriately titled “‘N Sync in Concert.” The tour would continue for over a year and a half, changing names multiple times while hitting North American cities.

Although the band had been impressing girls all around the world, nobody was sure how the general public would react to a tour. “’N Sync in Concert,” started at the perfect time as the band played in nightclubs, at radio music festivals and at state fairs. From June 11, 1998 until September 23, 1998, the band hit cities all across the continent. From Florida and California to Canada and Salt Lake City, almost everywhere got a taste of ‘N Sync. Hitting 42 cities, ‘N Sync recruited N-Tyce to join them on the road for select dates.

After the immediate success of a Disney Channel concert special, the band added additional dates as part of the “Second II None Tour,” expanding to theaters and auditoriums. The second leg included opening acts newcomer Britney Spears, Sweetbox and B*Witched. Visiting 38 cities between November 1998 and February 1996, the “Second II None Tour” was definitely high-energy and full of screaming girls.

After a brief hiatus, ‘N Sync stepped up their game and started playing arenas in the United States during the tour’s third leg, titled the “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now Tour.” Between early-March and mid-June 1999, ‘N Sync visited 59 countries throughout the United States and Canada. Asking B*Witched, Divine, Tatyana Ali and Blaque to join them on the “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now Tour,” the audience was definitely given a show to remember!

Later expanding to amphitheaters and stadiums, we witnessed the beginning of the “Boys of Summer Tour.” The tour’s fourth leg included a lot of friends! Blaque, Jordan Knight, 3rd Storee, Billy Crawford, Five, INOJ, Mandy Moore, Michael Africk, P.Y.T. Trey D., Shanice, Sugarhill Gang and Ron Irizarry joined ‘N Sync on the “Boys of Summer Tour.” As the last leg with the nineteen track set-list, the “Boys of Summer” leg of tour would be one to last a lifetime!

Ending the tour on the right foot, there was one more leg added. Ending on New Year’s Eve, it only makes sense that the fifth and final leg was titled “The Winter Shows.” Switching up the set list to include tracks like “For the Girl Who Has Everything,” “Music of My Heart,” and hit singe “Bye Bye Bye,” we got an insight on the future of ‘N Sync. As the band focused on the west coast of the United States and Canada with three final shows in Hawaii between November 26, 1999 and January 2000, there couldn’t have been a better way to end off the 90s. Joined by A-Teens, McMaster and James, Wild Orchid and Innosense for the final 12 shows, ‘N Sync reminded us why they were such a powerhouse. While Y2K didn’t impact the world as greatly as people were expecting, we definitely had the perfect end to the 90s!

We don’t see identically choreographed numbers anymore, further proving today’s boy bands can’t compare to those of the 1990s. I can’t decide what’s crazier—that it’s been sixteen years since ‘N Sync’s first North American tour or that I was in kindergarten as they were touring the country multiple times! What about you? Send your thoughts over to @weknowthedj, I’m anxious to read them!


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