Madison Beer’s “Unbreakable”

Someone wise once said rain makes you appreciate sunshine and I’m pretty sure this is what they were preparing us for. It’s time to break out your Ray Bans and Tory Burch flip-flops because the future of the music industry is going to be a scorcher! Who could possibly be responsible this brand-new brightness? Drum roll please… Justin Bieber and Chris Brown are back!!

From legal woes and jail time to relationship drama and constant scrutiny, it’s no secret that Bieber and Brown have found their fair share of negative press over the past year or two. Joining forces in the studio, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown have teamed up to create “1 for the fans”—at least according to Justin’s Instagram. Earlier this week, Justin and Chris hit up a Los Angeles studio, alongside Akon, Abou Thiam and Maejor Ali. Collaborating and working really hard on a few tracks, Chris and Justin are fighting to earn the respect they deserve. After all, you can’t deny their talent.

Turning back the hands of time to 2011, you’ll remember the three collaborations we received from the two superstars over six months. February 2011 brought Justin’s “Never Say Never: The Remixes,” where Chris was featured on the remix to Bieber’s emotional track, “Up.” A month later, Chris released “F.A.M.E.,” an album that debuted at No.1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Included on Brown’s fourth studio album was “Next To You,” a track where Bieber’s appearance signified the beginning of a matured JB. Fast-forward to August 2011 where we were gifted with “Ladies Love Me,” a spur-of-the-moment rap that had millions fangirling for months. Although this won’t be the first JB/CB collaboration, my guess is this will be the one to remember. With this week’s collaboration, the two are going back to the basics and I have a feeling they’ll exceed every expectation!

Time and time again we’ve witnessed artists open their hearts and share their thoughts through lyrics, something we’re definitely expecting from the new Bieber/Brown collaborations. With the world against them, it makes sense for Chris and Justin to hit the studio together. Before the two stepped into the sound booth, they spent some quality time catching up on current events. Setting the constant distractions from the outside world aside, the two are ready to hit the music industry with a solid one-two punch. I’m calling this track a TKO!

As Chris Brown readjusts to life after prison and Justin Bieber reappears in public after a much-needed week with his family, the two are preparing for a transition from underdogs to comeback kids. You already know WeKnowTheDJ will be keeping you updated on every detail until the release! Are you excited for their new collaboration? Who knows—maybe we’ll see multiple tracks from the two (my lips are sealed!). Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj to let us know your thoughts on a JB/CB collab!


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