Dylan Holland Wants You to be his Baby

It’s safe to say I have one of the coolest jobs ever! I get to travel the world and attend music events that most people could only dream of while forming friendships with some of the most incredible people. Over the past two years, I’ve met my fair share of “celebrities,” all of who are as normal as you and I. Although I’ve been exposed to many people who our readers refer to as idols, one in particular stands out in terms of being extremely humble and down to earth.

Dylan Holland, known for his YouTube covers, is simply trying to make a name for himself. Unlike the millions of other teenagers posting videos on YouTube, Dylan is well on his way to complete stardom. With 181,000 Twitter followers and over 2 million YouTube views, Dylan’s name is very relevant in the music industry. He has the social media experience and fanbase but does the talent live up to its full potential?

The coolest thing about Dylan Holland is his ability to transition between genres. Dylan’s YouTube page features covers of all kinds, ranging from numerous Justin Bieber tracks (“All That Matters” and “Boyfriend” are my personal favorites!) to Drake, Beyoncé, MatchBoxTwenty and Chris Brown. Although Dylan’s covers are amazing, his originals are some of my most-played songs. Just this week, his newest single “Be My Baby” hit Spotify and iTunes. I remember hearing “Be My Baby” during a YouNow livestream a few weeks ago and immediate fell in love with the song and its message—this is definitely a track everyone can relate to.

Opening with the strum of a guitar, “Be My Baby” is one of those songs you’ll find yourself bobbing your head to. Dylan’s first line proves he’s just like every other kid nearing their 20s, simply “waiting to fall in love.” A man with a plan, Dylan wants to know what it’s going to take to be yours—a fantasy that thousands of fangirls are currently screaming about! Trying to find a star to hold his wishes, he just wants to find someone to be his Caroline. Fangirls, don’t worry—Caroline isn’t competition, it’s just the word Dylan has chosen to explain the desired feeling between him and his special someone! Hey Dyl, I don’t think you’ll have any problem finding someone to be your baby!

For those of you unfamiliar with Dylan Holland and those already in love with his sound, it’s time to get excited because you’ll be hearing A LOT from the Ohio native over the next few months. I’ve already heard Dylan’s second single and it’s without a doubt one of my favorite songs of 2014!

But wait… It gets even better! Dylan’s headed on not one but two (!!) tours over the next few months. That’s right, there’s a huge possibility that he’ll be in your city before you go back to school! Dylan’s participating in the Teen Hoot tour so definitely keep your eyes peeled for those dates. As I’m writing this, Dylan is on his way home from Teen Hoot San Diego, a show that was definitely a success! I also know Dylan filmed part of the “Be My Baby” music video so stay tuned! Over the years, Dylan Holland has become the face for Teen Hoot so these upcoming shows are definitely going to be memorable!

But… That’s not it! Starting July 31st, Dylan is heading on tour with some of our favorite artists! Thanks to Lisa McQueen, Dylan will be joining Jacob Whitesides, Round2Crew, Alyssa Shouse, Reed Deming, Grant Landis and Tyler Matl on the OMG Music Fest Tour! Between July 31st and September 7th, the up-and-coming artists will be touring North America! The WeKnowTheDJ team will definitely be in the audience so you should head over to ____ to check out the dates and grab some tickets!

Between “Be My Baby,” future plans and already-planned tours, this is just the beginning for Dylan Holland. I can confirm that Dylan is extremely grateful for everything he’s achieved and loves his fans more than anything—craziness included! This definitely won’t be the last you’ll be hearing of Dylan Holland on weknowthedj.com, we’ll be providing updates as he continues to find himself in the industry. For now, head over to ____ to download “Be My Baby.” Do you love “Be My Baby”? Are you seeing Dylan on tour this summer? How excited are you for his new music? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and share your thoughts on Dylan!


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