Sammy Adams’ “All Night Longer Remix”

Over the past six years, we’ve watched Sammy Adams’ music transition from college rap to pop to EDM back to old school Wizzy. Making an astonishing amount of progress since producing in his Trinity College dorm room, Sammy Adams continues to prove himself! In August 2012 after signing with RCA, Adams released “All Night Longer,” a single that has become the anthem of my college career—but don’t tell my parents! Twenty-two months have passed but with some help from B.o.B., Sammy Adams is still going All Night Longer!

Have you ever dreamed of clubbing with Sammy Adams, B.o.B. or both artists? Well, the “All Night Longer” remix, which hit iTunes early Monday afternoon, will definitely make you feel like you’re hanging in the VIP section with the guys! The remix’s chorus is the same as the original resulting in a never-ending earworm. No, there’s not a bug in your ear—an earworm is a catchy piece of music that continually repeats in your mind after it’s no longer playing. In true Sammy Adams’ fashion, after a “couple rounds go down like water,” it’s time to “tell that bartender make that motherf***er stronger!”

About a minute into the remix, Atlanta-based B.o.B. makes his first appearance on the track with a verse that lives up to every expectation. The 25-year-old hip-hop recording artist, singer-songwriter and record producer, real name Bobby Ray Simmons Jr., shows up on the track to give us an insight on what it’s like to party VIP-style. After telling “the promoter to send more gin and soda,” it’s no surprise that B.o.B. needs to “take a hit to get rid of the migraine,” because it’s time to “do it again like it’s Friday!”

B.o.B. “came to Vegas for the weekend but the after party lasts for 5 days,” just in time for Sammy Adams to come in with a brand-new verse! Sammy’s verse is all things American, a title he’s proud to hold, especially as his boys are doing their thing in Brazil at the World Cup. Rapping “Anheuser no Busch league because I’m big leaguing these rookies,” Sammy makes it very clear that he’s “a veteran” in the game. Don’t get too confident though because Sammy and his team “can drink you under tables for days,” especially because when they party, they party all night!

Continuing to make a mark in the industry, Sammy definitely isn’t lying when he sings, “my game’s never been sicker.” Sammy and B.o.B. just “wanna go all night longer” and I can’t blame them! Even though the original version of “All Night Longer” will always hold a special place in my heart, I automatically fell in love with the remix. If you’ve been keeping up with me, you know ‘new Sammy Adams music’ is on top of the list of my favorite things and this track is no exception! For those of you who haven’t picked up your copy yet, the remix is available at _______ for $1.29—that’s less than a bottle of water! Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and share your thoughts on the “All Night Longer” remix!


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