Maejor Ali’s “Me and My Team”

Have you ever enjoyed an ice cream soda or listened to a radio news broadcast? Chances are, the answer is yes. Well, if that’s the case, you need to thank Motor City, USA—yes, both come from Detroit! Did you know the Michigan city is the only city in the United States where you look SOUTH to see Canada? Detroit is also home to Maejor Ali, who has recently teamed up with our favourite Canadian (yes Biebs, I added the extra U just for you!). I have a feeling we’ll be hearing plenty of collaborations from the two over the next few months but first, it’s all about Maejor Ali and his team!

At 1 p.m. on June 17th, Maejor Ali released “Me And My Team,” a first look at what we can possibly expect on his upcoming album. Kid Ink and Trey Songz join Maejor Ali (previously Bei Maejor) on the four-minute track, released exclusively on XXL and SoundCloud. The track officially hits iTunes on July 1st, also known as the day Maejor Ali becomes a household name. I’ve posted the SoundCloud link to the single below so if you haven’t heard the track yet, be sure to give it a listen!

“Me And My Team” is a huge track but it isn’t Maejor Ali’s first dual-collaboration. Last year, Maejor Ali shocked the music world as he teamed up with Justin Bieber and Juicy J for a fan-favorite, “Lolly.” Trey Songz and Kid Ink are the perfect additions to the four-minute song. Produced by Maejor Ali and Chef Tone, “Me And My Team” is a track that will be heard in clubs everywhere—especially during bossman DJ Tay James’ sets!

As the track progresses, Maejor Ali’s verse is the first to hit our ears. Living a VIP lifestyle, Maejor has come a long way from his days in Detroit and he’s well aware of that! Starting his verse with “started off with a dollar, got a taste of that power,” Ali leads us to believe he realizes how quickly things can change. The VIP lifestyle doesn’t end there, he also raps “me and Bizzle on the charter, Floyd fights so we headin’ to Nevada.” Making reference to the boys trip to Las Vegas in May for Floyd Mayweather’s fight, Maejor Ali and Justin Bieber are living a life we could only dream of.

The hook of the summer-friendly single consists of Maejor Ali singing, “These bottles are for me and my team/This table for me and my team/Girl come get up on this couch with me and my team.” All I know right now is I want to be partying with Maejor and his team! The Detroit singer-songwriter-producer continues to sing, “Now we on top, just me and my team.” Yes Maej, you guys are definitely on top!

Trey Songz, who also releases his new album on July 1st, comes in with the track’s second verse. Sticking to the song’s overall VIP theme, TS begins his verse with “hopping outta that rari, if I hurt your feelings I’m sorry.” Trey, you can hurt my feelings any time if it means I can ride in your Ferrari! You know who else is willing to ride for Trey Songz? His team.

Closing out the song on a high note, RCA Records artist Kid Ink makes his appearance. Making his presence known with, “Whatup Ali, it’s Kid Ink,” we’re immediately introduced to the track’s fastest rapping. Although Kid Ink mentions a “little rockstar lifestyle” and putting “bottles in the air,” he’s more focused on the team bonding. After all, in his words, “it’s just me, myself and the team with a dream.” I’m all for encouraging people to follow their dreams, especially when it’s “not just me but the whole team in it.” Kid Ink realizes “I never could’ve made it here by myself” so it’s only right that he promises he’s “never gonna change” because he’s “day one with ‘em.”

“Me And My Team” is the second piece of the endless puzzle known as Maejor Ali’s solo career. Taking some time to focus on his solo career while still producing and writing, Maejor Ali is possibly the hardest working guy in the game right now. As Maejor continues to find his footing in all aspects of the industry, the WeKnowTheDJ team will always be here to show support. How about you? Do you love “Me And My Team” as much as I do? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj to share your thoughts on “Me And My Team” and Maejor Ali’s future.


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