Mike Stud and Sammy Adams’ “Whatever”

For most, myself included, Friday June 27th marked the end of an extremely hectic workweek. While counting down the minutes until 5 o’clock, my phone vibrated on my desk and my heart immediately dropped. Assuming it was my boss assigning another impossible task, a sigh of relief came once I realized the sound was coming from my Twitter app. As quickly as fear turned to relief, relief turned to extreme joy as I read the message. Mike Stud and Sammy Adams on the same track?! Yes please!!

After a fair 48 hour warning, “Whatever” was released at 6 o’clock on Sunday night. News of a Mike Stud/Sammy Adams collaboration was enough to get me excited for the weekend but the actual release was the perfect ending to the last weekend of June! Between verses that can only be described as “fire” and a catchy hook, “Whatever” is everything we could ask for! Check out the track below and take advantage of the exclusive free SoundCloud download! Trust me, this one’s a summertime smash that you definitely don’t want to miss!

Produced by Louis Bell, the three-minute track catches our attention within the first five-seconds. Mike Stud starts his verse with “okay, doing it my own way,” which is exactly what sets Mike apart from the rest of the hip-hop community. Mentioning Lamar Odom and his recent drug allegations, Boise State, Peter Griffin, Uncle Jesse and the Olsen twins, Stud is definitely “focused on just living life.” Shaking hands and taking chances, Mike Stud doesn’t care if you don’t like him because he’s “been on some dope sh*t lately!” Mike, I definitely have to agree—you’re “on fire to the third degree!”

I probably (or definitely) can’t take any credit for this but for now, I’ll pretend I had some influence on the positive message throughout the track’s hook. As the hook fills our earphones, Mike sings “I’ve been up two days straight, it’s whatever,” a feeling we know all too well. Hard work never ends, especially with countless time zones and connections all over the globe! But at the end of the day, Mike Stud is right, it’s “just me and my people/If you ain’t with it then we don’t need you.” Similar to Mike Stud and Sammy Adams, we have an incredible team surrounding us and that’s all that matters! Positivity is key!

Closing out the track, Sammy Adams makes an appearance on another brand new verse. He starts off by referring to himself as “the bearer of bad news” but I don’t hear anything bad about Sammy’s verse! Adams says he can’t front lately, especially when it comes to behavior at his concerts. Whether talking about backstage activities or the look you can “see in her eyes” when “you bring your girl to shows,” Sammy Adams puts on a show that others simply can’t compete with. Making reference to his soccer career at Trinity College and Mike Stud’s incredible pre-injury baseball career at Duke University, Sammy proves this track is going to be the one that changes the game. After all, a “Blue Devil and a Bantam linked up to serve the whole world a new anthem!”

Mike Stud is preparing for the July 7th release of his upcoming album, Closer. Stay tuned on weknowthedj.com for updates on the album’s release and any Mike Stud related updates! The Rhode Island native is also getting ready to head on The Stud Summer Tour, a nationwide summer tour, so check out the dates and grab your tickets at _______. Who knows, maybe Sammy will join him on stage one night for a live performance of “Whatever.”

Speaking of Sammy Adams, he’s has spent a lot of time on WeKnowTheDJ lately but if the shoe fits, wear it! He’s been absolutely killing it in the game and I can officially confirm this is only the beginning! Boston’s Boy is working hard in the studio on his upcoming album! Although release details haven’t been announced, WeKnowTheDJ will be the first to share any news with all of you!

Do you love “Whatever”? Are you looking forward to “Closer”? Do you want to see more Mike Stud/Sammy Adams collaborations in the future? Would you go see them on tour together? Send your thoughts to @weknowthedj, we’re anxious to read your tweets!


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