Ariana Grande’s “Best Mistake”

There’s no way around it, summer 2014 belongs to Ariana Grande. From taking over the charts to taking home awards, there’s no stopping the twenty-one year old. Over the past few months, Ariana’s announcements have gotten bigger and her songs have gotten better and the best part of it all? Her superstardom is only just beginning! For most people, taking home a Teen Choice Award would be the high point of any week but this week, Ariana Grande has gone above and beyond. On Sunday night, she received TCA surfboards for “Choice Female Artist” and “Choice Single for a Female Artist” but that was only the beginning of Ariana’s extremely exciting week. Two days later, Ariana released her newest chart-topping track AND a music video for her previous single! After witnessing the current whirlwind that is Grande’s life, I’m officially declaring August 12th “Ariana Grande Day.”

As the clock struck midnight on Tuesday, Ariana’s latest single, “Best Mistake” featuring Big Sean, hit iTunes and the world was definitely listening. The track, available at, might be titled “Best Mistake” but there’s no question about it—this collaboration was the best decision!

Right now, it seems as if collaborations are Ariana’s go-to tracks and we’re definitely not complaining. The Florida native has teamed up with some of her most talented colleagues and the charts don’t lie—teamwork is always the right answer! Iggy Azalea, Zedd, Nicki Minaj and Jessie J have all joined the brunette beauty take over the charts with upbeat summer jams but with some help from Big Sean, she’s slowing it down a bit. This isn’t the first time the two stars have collaborated—Big Sean was featured on Ariana’s 2013 single “Right Here” and he’s the whisper on “Problem.” The two have formed a close relationship over the years and there are even a few rumors about romance swirling between the twenty-one year old and twenty-six year old but at WeKnowTheDJ, we’re focusing on the music!

The four-minute song, which immediately climbed to the top of the iTunes chart, opens with a piano tune we’re not used to hearing from Grande or Big Sean. As someone who has experienced a fair-share of relationship drama, this track is another example of how Ariana Grande has the ability to record songs that everyone can relate to. Singing “Why are we pointing fingers?” and “Break up, make up, total waste of time,” Ariana zeros in on that feeling we’ve all experienced when we know a relationship has run its course—whether we want to admit it or not. About halfway through the track, Big Sean shows up to rap “I guess to go the distance we might need to pit stop it” and “only lying to you when I lie you down.” The Detroit rapper even makes reference to family, rapping, “you ask why I love your mom so much? Cause she’s an older you.” Could he be singing about Ariana’s mom, Joan? While I’m not sure what Ariana or Big Sean were thinking about while writing the track, I do know this one’s a winner!

But… That’s there’s more!

Seventeen hours after “Best Mistake” hit iTunes, Ariana Grande logged onto her Twitter account to share the news everyone has been waiting for. At 7:54 on Tuesday night, Ariana tweeted “surprise! break free video in an hour” and millions of fangirls screamed at once! A little more than an hour later, Ariana’s Vevo account was updated with a music video that was well worth the wait!

The video, posted above, is four-minutes of confusion that somehow makes complete sense. When I heard the song on July 3rd for the first time, a galactic adventure wasn’t the first thing to come to mind but with some help from director Chris Marrs Piliero, Ariana and Zedd killed it! Inspired by Barbarella and Star Wars, Ariana’s “space age throwback” video lives up to every expectation.

August 12th was a huge day for Ariana Grande but things are only going to get more exciting! Her sophomore album, My Everything, hits iTunes and stores on August 25th and we’re anxiously and patiently (kind of) counting down the days! Is “Best Mistake” stuck in your head? What are your thoughts on the “Break Free” video? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and share your thoughts—we’re anxious to read them!


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