Introducing: Meghan Trainor

Eight months ago, we warned you that 2014 was going to be a huge year in the entertainment industry and I hate to pat myself on the back but… We were definitely right. Between movie blockbusters, new seasons of our favorite TV shows and incredible chart-topping songs, there’s been no shortage of success. Although we’ll have plenty of “look how great 2014 was” coverage toward the end of the year, we need to talk about a twenty-year old girl who has taken the world by storm with one of the catchiest songs ever. Move over Carly Rae because Meghan Trainor has arrived!

To some, it may seem that the Massachusetts native came out of nowhere but she has put in the hard work and has experienced the struggles of “trying to make it big.” Before her hit single, “All About That Bass,” took over our eardrums and radio stations, she was just another girl trying to find success in the world’s most competitive industry. Born into a musical family in 1993, Meghan Trainor’s “career” began while her peers were preparing for sixth grade. At eleven years old, Trainor began writing songs—a talent that would later prove to be extremely beneficial. Two years later, before technology ruled the world, Meghan’s parents gifted her with a computer (a lot bigger than your MacBook Pro) and she learned how to produce songs.

Fast forward a few years and picture a seventeen-year-old Meghan attending the Durango Songwriter’s Expo. While her classmates were preparing for college, Trainor was spending time with NBRQ’s Big Al Anderson, who would go on to introduce Meghan to Big Yellow Dog Music’s Carla Wallace. Shortly after turning eighteen, Meghan signed on as a songwriter with Big Yellow Dog. In 2011, before settling in Nashville full-time, Trainor self-released an album titled, I’ll Sing With You, where she insisted on writing every song. After some searching on YouTube, I have concluded that Meghan’s decision to write her own songs was the best decision—her talent is undeniable!

Now that you’ve heard the basics of Meghan Trainor’s back-story, it’s time to dig deeper into the song that has made her one of summer’s hottest stars! Back in June, a brand new song hit iTunes and the airwaves all around the world. I’m not going to lie, I was a little skeptical at first but after hearing “All About That Bass” over and over during the past three months, it has definitely grown on me. The track’s beat and chorus have constantly been stuck in my head but more importantly, the message behind the lyrics is one that everyone can relate to. The three-minute song focuses on positive body image, promotes body acceptance and celebrates all shapes and sizes. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the track’s music video, directed by Fatima Robinson, I’ve posted it below. When asked about the song and lyrics, Trainor said, “I wrote this song because I myself struggle with this concept of self-acceptance. It was written from a real place so I’m glad that other people can relate to it.” Keep doing your thing, Meghan—the world can use as much positivity as it can get!

The general consensus seems to be all love for Trainor’s latest single; after all, the track did just go platinum! Do you need further proof that we’re all singing along to “All About That Bass?” Well, just ask our friend Justin Bieber—he’s been dancing to the song during shirtless hikes and trust me, we’re definitely not complaining! Are you dancing alongside Bieber and jamming to “All About That Bass” during your summer car rides? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know!


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