Khalil’s “A Long Story Short”

Whether your favorite part is hearing a new beat or concentrating on lyrics, there’s something special about listening to a song for the first time. As a society, we’ve been spoiled with an excessive amount of incredible songs but tend to get greedy. It’s human nature—we always want more. Well, more has officially arrived and what could be better than one new song? How about ten new tracks from one of our favorite R&B artists? In a world ruled by social media, Thursdays are usually reserved for throwbacks but August 28th was all about the future of music. At 3pm EST, after a prolonged countdown, Khalil dropped his latest mixtape, A Long Story Short. The ten-track tape, arranged by bossman DJ Tay James, has captured the attention of music lovers worldwide and we’re definitely not complaining!

In true WeKnowTheDJ fashion, we’ve been teasing the tape’s release since mid-February when we released WeKnowTheDJ Radio Volume 4. Bossman has a tendency to include a couple of highly anticipated sneak-peeks on WeKnowTheDJ mixtapes and our latest volume was no exception. Volume Four included an incomplete version of “Band$ Up” featuring Birdman and “Yeah She Know It.” Although I’m so used to “Bands Up” overlapping with “Gas Pedal” and “Yeah She Know It” transitioning into “Stoner,” both tracks definitely hold their own on A Long Story Short.

Speaking of teasing, WeKnowTheDJ Radio Volume 4 definitely wasn’t our only method of hyping A Long Story Short. Over the past few weeks, we’ve teamed up with our friends over at Dream Urban to provide you with as many behind-the-scenes posts as possible. For the most part, Instagram was the selected tease platform as DJ Tay James and Ashley Garner shared a significant amount of pictures and videos. But… there’s more! You know we love exclusives and honestly, now seems to be the perfect time to share some information about a project that’s in the works! Ashley Garner and DerekDidIt are creating a few visuals for A Long Story Short! Stay tuned to and our social media profiles—we’ll be posting more information as we get it!

What would a story be without a few characters? Thankfully, Khalil recruited some of the industry’s most talented artists and producers as he shortened a long story—see what I did there? With producers Johnny Rain, Soundz, Mike Dean, DJ Mustard, J-Hawk, Chizzy, C Minor and Julkeyz, it’s safe to say A Long Story Short will be stuck in your head for a long time. The production is a crucial part of any project but would the tape be complete without a collaboration or two? We already made note of Birdman’s appearance on “Band$ Up” but the YMCMB creator isn’t the only one contributing to the mixtape’s success. The tape’s second track is titled “2 Ea$y” so it only makes sense to have two additional artists join Khalil, right? Cue in Blake Kelly and Tory Lanez. Each artist brings their unique sound to the three-minute track, proving they were the perfect addition to A Long Story Short.

Birdman, Blake Kelly and Tory Lanez weren’t the only artists to make an appearance on A Long Story Short. Khalil enlisted the help of his best friend Justin Bieber (or in this case—Bizzle) on two tracks. Both “Time For Bed” and “Playtime” show a more mature side both artists and give listeners an inside look on what we can expect in the future. Bieber’s appearance on A Long Story Short doesn’t come as a surprised—especially seeing that Khalil is JB’s artist and their voices mesh perfectly when featured on the same track. After scrolling through countless tweets and reading reactions, I honestly won’t be surprised when another Khalil x JB collaboration is released. Who knows—the two might be taking over the Billboard charts sooner than you think!

Have you heard A Long Story Short yet? If not, you’re missing out and need to download the tape exclusively from our friends over at DatPiff. Stay tuned to for the latest information on all things involving Khalil and the future of his music! Also, send us a tweet at @weknowthedj to share your thoughts on A Long Story Short!


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