Justin Bieber “All About That Bass Remix”

He insists that he’s taking a yearlong break (although we know he’s ready to get back to work) but Justin Bieber is easily the hottest artist in the game. Don’t believe me? Just search his name in Google and you’ll find millions of reasons that prove the world is obsessed with every single move the kid makes. I can confirm that Bieber has been working on an astonishing amount of music (most of which to be released on a later-announced date) but on October 15th, he eased his way back into the entertainment world.

How does the world’s hottest artist “ease” his way back into an industry that he has practically molded? Hint: all he needed was the help of one of today’s hottest producers and the song of the summer! We’ve had Meghan Trainor’s hit track “All About That Bass” stuck in our head since it was released in June and today, Bieber teamed up with Maejor Ali to make sure the song’s successful reign continues for weeks to come. Topping the Billboard charts for its sixth straight week, “All About That Bass” is definitely here to stay—especially with Bieber’s approval.

Back in February 2013 and then again on WeKnowTheDJ Radio Volume 3, we introduced you to one of Bieber and Maejor Ali’s first collaborations, “Lolly.” Over a year and a half later, the two are back on Maejor Ali’s “All About That Bass” remix. When asked about the newest remix, Maejor said, “I’m excited to bring a hood yet house twist to such a catchy song. I first put this song out as a production remix on my own. Not soon after it went out Meghan heard it, then Justin heard it, and shortly after they asked me to pull my version down so that the collaboration could happen. And that’s the dopest part.” You’re right, Maej, that’s definitely dope!

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past twenty-four hours and missed some classic WeKnowTheDJ Twitter teasing and hints, I’ve posted the “All About That Bass Remix” SoundCloud audio above so you definitely need to check that out—or just continue to listen to it on repeat, that’s what I’ll be doing! What are your thoughts on the brand-new “All About That Bass Remix”? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know your thoughts!


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