Jake Miller’s “Ghost”

Back in May of 2013, we introduced you to an up-and-coming artist from Westin, Florida named Jake Miller. Over the past eighteen months, we’ve developed a (slight) obsession with the almost 22-year-old singer/rapper. Jake has spent a significant portion of the past two years tour the country and his recent experiences prove that hard work pays off. Just some brief background information: last November, Jake signed a record deal with Warner Brothers, a HUGE accomplishment for someone who started by making music in his basement.

As the days pass, we’re getting closer and close to November 4 aka the release date of Lion Heart, Jake’s upcoming and highly anticipated EP! The five-track project hits iTunes on the first Tuesday of November and will be available in stores on November 24. The EP’s tracklist includes “First Flight Home,” “Party in the Penthouse,” “Ghost” featuring Nikki Flores, “Dazed and Confused” featuring Travie McCoy and “Lion Heart.”

Jake’s lead single “First Flight Home” has been stuck in our heads since its release in July and I won’t lie—I jam out every single time the catchy track plays through my speakers! Thanks to Jake’s recent Snapchat stories, we have also heard sneak-peeks of “Party in the Penthouse” and “Lion Heart.” But… What could be better than a couple of sneak-peeks? How about an exclusive first-listen to one of the EP’s tracks? Well, teaming up with Perez Hilton, Jake Miller made that possible as the audio for “Ghost” appeared on the gossip site at noon on October 21.

We’ve heard emotional and relatable tracks from Jake Miller in the past (think “I’m Alright,” “Steven” and “A Million Lives”) but in all honesty, I think “Ghost” brings things to the next level. The three-and-a-half minute track is one that everyone can relate to, seeing that we have all had days where we feel invisible. As the track progresses, Jake makes reference to those rough moments that we’re all guilty of, like staring at our phones in order to seem busy and those days where we put our headphones in, trying to tune the world out. Nikki Flores’ appearance on the track’s chorus brings listeners into the mind of anyone who has ever felt like a ghost.

In true Jake Miller style, the 21-year-old heartthrob transitions things in an effort to make his Millertary focus on the positives. Reminding his fans that he can see and hear them in times when they feel invisible might just be enough to save someone’s life. Jake says it best: in times when you feel alone, just know “there’s a million people out there who relate to you and feel the same.” Honestly, it’s hard to listen to this song without getting emotional; it hits you in all of the right places.

But, Miller’s fans aren’t the only ones impacted by the track’s release. Tweeting “I swear, chills down my whole body from reading your comments about Ghost” and “I think this song will change lives,” it seems Jake is pretty blown away by everyone’s response to “Ghost.” Hey Jake, I think “Ghost” is going to do a lot more than change lives. I won’t be surprised when fans start telling you that this track has saved their lives—literally.

If you haven’t listened to “Ghost” yet, I’ve posted the link above so be sure to check that out (but only after you’ve grabbed some tissues). On a more positive note, do you want to be one of the first to watch Jake perform “Ghost” live? Lucky for you, Jake’s headed on a mini-tour—hitting San Francisco, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Denver, St. Louis, Detroit, Cincinnati, Boston, New Jersey, Cleveland, Indianapolis, New York, Miami and Tampa. I bet if you cheer loud enough, he’ll perform “Ghost” for you! Sounds like a good time, right? Head over to jakemiller.com/shows to grab your tickets and then send us a tweet at @weknowthedj to share your thoughts about “Ghost.” Don’t forget, the entire EP hits iTunes on November 4 and stores on November 24—I’ll be listening, so should you!


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