Frankie Grande on Broadway

You follow him on all forms of social media and watched endless episodes and livestreams of “Big Brother” this year just to catch a glimpse of his everyday life but what would you do if I told you there’s officially another way to see Frankie Grande? Well fangirls everywhere, it’s official: Frankie Grande is set to play the role of Franz in Rock of Ages on Broadway!

The Tony-nominated musical will welcome the “Big Brother” star to the cast on November 10th and the 31-year-old Florida native will call the Helen Hayes Theater stage his home until January 18, 2015. Although Grande’s Broadway career began in 2007 when he joined the cast of Mamma Mia!, he has called the role of Franz his dream-come-true! Talking exclusively to People Magazine about his new role, Frankie said, “I’m so unbelievably excited. I have wanted to play Franz ever since I first saw the show. I think it is one of the best, funniest, most clever roles.”

Funny, clever and the best? Sounds like the perfect role for Frankie Grande but believe it or not, this isn’t Frankie’s first time auditioning for the role of Franz. Over the years, he has received three final callbacks for the Rock of Ages role but in the extremely competitive world of Broadway, there was always someone who fit the vision a little better. But, don’t worry because now it’s Frankie’s time to shine!

In a statement released by Grande, he said, “Ever since my first role on Broadway, I have dreamed of playing Franz. I couldn’t be more excited to finally get this opportunity, especially alongside this incredible cast.” Well Frankie, it seems like the cast is just as excited. Rock of Ages producer Scott Prisand said, “We are beyond thrilled to have Frankie return to Broadway and join the cast of Rock of Ages. With his exceptional, triple-threat talent and effervescent personality, he is the perfect match for our show and the role of the hilarious and endearing Franz.”

Frankie might be ready to dedicate all of his time to the stage and settling down in New York City but he’s already zeroing in on the his next dream. What could possibly be on his mind? Well, he told People Magazine, “The two roles I’ve always been obsessed with are Franz and Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys. They obviously wrote those roles for me.” But… Before you get judgmental, Frankie’s last statement didn’t come from a place of extreme confidence or entitlement, he was simply joking around due to how similar both roles sound to his own name!

I don’t know about you but I know the entire WeKnowTheDJ team is excited to see Grande hit the Broadway stage. Who knows, we might need to take a field trip to the Helen Hayes Theater! Are you going to grab tickets to see Frankie in Rock of Ages? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know—maybe we’ll see you in the audience!


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