In the Spotlight: Shawn Mendes

Pickering, Ontario is known for three things: the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, Sean Avery, and Sean Mendes. With an abundance of land and excessive amounts of cold weather, it’s no surprise that Pickering is home to a nuclear power plant and a successful hockey player but… the city immediately east of Toronto is also known for a 16 year old boy who got famous from posting six second videos?

Shawn Mendes has definitely come a long way since his Vine “fame” first began. Need proof? After being discovered on Vine and YouTube, Shawn signed a deal with Island Records in June, giving him a broad platform to expand his potential. He then released his debut EP, Life of the Party, and went on to become the youngest artist to debut in the Top 25 with a debut song on the Billboard Hot 100. Time Magazine named Mendes one of the “Most Influential Teens of 2014” so it’s no surprised that Shawn won the Teen Choice Award for “Choice Web Star: Music.”

Teaming up with MTV on November 11, Shawn Mendes proved that the next step of his career is “Something Big”—see what I did there? Shawn’s latest single, “Something Big,” hit iTunes on November 7 and his fans went crazy! The song’s lyrics, which include “Something big, I feel it happening, out of my control/Pushing, pulling and it’s grabbing me, feel it in my bones” and “It’s like that feeling when you’re about to kill it/Take that last shot, you know you’re about it hit it,” explain Mendes’ recent path to stardom. Shawn Mendes’ schedule was packed on Tuesday November 11 and there’s no doubt about it—he’s already “hit it!”

Starting off the morning on national television, Mendes performed “Something Big” on “Live with Kelly and Michael” before beginning his MTV takeover. Shortly after, Shawn took over MTV’s Snapchat and rode on a bus with some fans before debuting his “Something Big” music video on the side of a bus. Yes, you read that right. The “Something Big” music video debuted on the side of a bus. The video, posted below, has raked in close to 200,000 YouTube views within its first 24 hours.

The video opens with Shawn getting out of bed and getting ready for the day so if you have ever wanted to wake up with Shawn Mendes, the “Something Big” music video is most likely the only opportunity you will have to do so. Walking out of his front door, Shawn meets up with some of his friends before leading an ever-growing parade throughout his neighborhood. During a beat-heavy portion of the song, Shawn leaves his microphone behind to join a back-up stomping group to show off some impressive moves. Shawn’s party through the streets eventually reaches a football field where Mendes shows off his talent on the guitar and a fair share of impressive choreography.

After premiering the “Something Big” music video, Shawn stopped at MTV’s headquarters in Times Square where he hung out with 30 lucky fans and answered a bunch of questions. Did you know the “Something Big” video was inspired by zombies? No, I don’t understand how but Shawn insists it was and since the video is his vision, zombies it is. After performing a stripped-down acoustic version of “Something Big” at MTV’s headquarters, Shawn made his way to Z100’s iHeart Radio Theatre for a very special live performance, which included unreleased tracks. If you were lucky enough to find yourself in the audience, I’m extremely jealous!

Those unreleased tracks that Shawn performed at the iHeart Radio Theatre will be part of his still-untitled Island Records debut album, expected in 2015. But, that’s not all. Shawn is getting ready to perform on the Jingle Ball tour, beginning in Los Angeles on December 5 and making stops in Minnesota, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Illinois and Florida. And he’s going on tour with Taylor Swift!

What are your thoughts on the “Something Big” music video? Are you planning on seeing Shawn on the Jingle Ball tour or the 1989 tour? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know!


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