Round2Crew’s “Woah Tour”

It’s been a while but ya girl is back! After a much-needed two-week break, I’ve returned with some super exciting news!

Fangirls, cue the screams because some of our favorite artists are headed on tour and we couldn’t be more excited or proud of them! After a significant amount teasing, the exciting news was officially announced on January 12 and I think I can speak for the entire WeKnowTheDJ team when I say we’re all counting down the days until January 31!

Okay, okay, I’m sorry, I’ll stop the vagueness! Are you ready to hear the news?! Drumroll please…

Round2Crew, Dylan Holland and Alyssa Shouse have teamed up once again and they’re coming to a city near you!!! The five artists are currently packing their suitcases, warming up their vocals and practicing their signatures in preparation for their upcoming seven-city tour! The Woah Tour, Round2Crew’s first headlining tour, begins on January 31 in Louisville before hitting Nashville, Columbus, New Haven, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Toronto and WeKnowTheDJ will definitely be in the audience!

As a team, we were introduced to Alyssa Shouse in February of 2013 during a “YouTube Artists of the Week” segment. Don’t believe me? Check it out right here: This isn’t the first time Alyssa has gone on the road with Chase, Pape, Manny and Dylan but I have a really good feeling about this round of touring! Alyssa has been killing it lately and she’s clearly just getting started. Her newest single, Truth, is available on iTunes right now, right here: and I’ve posted the “Truth” music video below so definitely check that out! But, that’s not all! Alyssa is releasing a “Little Things” cover on Saturday with her adorable boyfriend, Jonah Marais. Their relationship is one of the most precious things we have ever seen so I guarantee that we’ll all be watching the “Little Things” cover video on Saturday! It might be early to tell for sure but we’re definitely looking forward to building an incredibly strong relationship with Alyssa Shouse!

Dylan Holland, self-proclaimed bad boy and one of our all-time favorites, will also be joining the Woah Tour and we’re definitely ready! Before heading on the road with Round2Crew and Alyssa, Dylan will be making stops in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut this weekend as part of Electri-Con! Based on previous experience, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Deezy performs unreleased tracks for the fans at Electri-Con and the Woah Tour so I definitely suggest grabbing tickets immediately! Speaking of new music, Dylan released his newest collaboration just hours before the Woah Tour announcement and “Air” has been stuck in my head since! The four-minute track, featuring Doobie Newton, is a whole new sound for Holland. Right before he released the song, he tweeted “I don’t want anyone to ever think you’re going to hear one type of sound out of me. I’m always experimenting with all genre of music. I just have a great appreciation for music and enjoy making all types.” Well, Dylan, we appreciate all of the music you release, keep it up!

Last, but certainly not least, it’s time for an update on our favorite crew! It’s been over a year since we introduced you to Round2Crew and I think it’s safe so say the past year has been a complete blur! We’ve tried our hardest to keep up with Pape, Chase and Manny but that’s a task easier said than done! Round2Crew has been working hard over the past year and it has definitely paid off! Don’t expect the Cincinnati boys to slow down anytime soon though, I’ve heard firsthand that they’re just getting started! The guys recently visited Los Angeles for a meeting with Atlantic Records, their newest label, and even found time to film a music video while on their trip to the West Coast. The official Dip Wit It music video, posted below, premiered on Round2Crew’s YouTube account on December 30, ending 2014 the right way! The video has racked up an impressive amount of views in the short time it has been online, leading us to believe there will be an impressive amount of fans at every stop on the Woah tour!

As we count down the days until the Woah tour, we’ll be listening to Round2Crew, Dylan Holland and Alyssa Shouse on repeat. While we do that, we want to talk to all of you about the ridiculously talented artists so send us a tweet at @weknowthedj! We’ll see you on tour!



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