Meg’s Must Have Producers

Even if my mom says I spend too much time listening to music, I think every WeKnowTheDJ reader can relate when I say music is a universal language. Often times, we forget how much goes into creating the “perfect” song but don’t worry because I’m here this week to remind you of the importance of the “little things.” From songwriting to production, creating a “jam” doesn’t happen overnight. Those songs you listen to on repeat have probably been re-worked a dozen times, if not more. For those of you who don’t pay attention to every small detail of a song, I suggest doing so the next time you hit “shuffle” on your iTunes library.

This week, I’m here for a special edition of “Meg’s Must Haves,” focusing on the production area of the music industry. From seasoned producers trying to make a name for themselves in the mainstream world to up-and-coming producers who spend countless hours in front of a laptop screen, and everyone in between, I’m here to cover the best of the best. Keep scrolling and check out, in no particular order, a couple of my favorite producers.

Mat Randol

Throughout the last few years, I’ve been privileged enough to for connections with a lot of music industry power players. Some bonds are stronger than others but each is appreciated and definitely not taken for granted. That being said, when someone I consider a role model tells me to “check out” an artist, I take his or her suggestion very serious. That’s exactly how I was introduced to Mat Randol, who formerly went by the moniker “Choze.” That introduction led to an email that changed my music listening experience forever. One morning, as soon as Mat’s entire catalogue showed up in my email inbox, I knew I had been introduced to a producer-turned-artist with the potential to change the game completely. As an act of the genuine kindness, Mat sent me some unheard tracks along with his previously released mixes and all I have to say is—WOW!! I promise that you’re going to want to remember the name “Mat Randol” because it’s about to be everywhere! Stay tuned to WeKnowTheDJ throughout the year because I guarantee even more Mat Randol coverage is coming sooner than you think… Who knows, maybe I’ll even be able to convince him to hook us up with an exclusive!


As a kid from a small town, Jamesremy isn’t “supposed to” make it beyond the borders but as one who doesn’t play by the rules, he’s doing everything he can to defy those borders and the small town blues. On January 21, his 22nd birthday, Jamesremy posted a link on SoundCloud that has the potential to make him into the music industry’s “go-to up-and-coming producer.” As a part of the collective HOME team, based in New York, Jamesremy has been surrounded by the music forever but as he turns another year older, he’s ready to make his imprint in the industry. After my first listen to the beat, appropriately titled ’22,’ I was impressed by how well rounded the sounds were. ’22,’ posted below, could easily be played behind a rap or a pop song or even incorporated into a more classical music vibe, leading me to believe that it’s only a matter of minutes before producers and artists alike are knocking on Jamesremy’s door. I’ve received confirmation from Jamesremy himself that he has a few more projects in the works so my guess is that it won’t be long before you see his name on again. I’m still trying to convince him to let me join in on a studio session so stay tuned!

Although there are plenty of other amazing producers in the game right now, Mat Randol and Jamesremy have definitely earned their spot on this week’s “Meg’s Must Haves” list. If I can offer our readers a piece of advice, it’s to stop whatever you’re doing right now and listen to Mat and Jamesremy on repeat immediately! I promise you won’t regret it! As we sit here and wait for both of them to release new material, send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and share your thoughts on the two artists!



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