You like new music as much as we do, right? Well, chances are you’re also as impatient as we are. We’ve been keeping you up-to-date on all things Maejor Ali since his days of Bei Maejor. Showing off his unique artistry, Maejor has been releasing new music on firstofthemonth.com on yes, you guessed it—the first day of every month! As promised to all of his fans, another brand new Maejor track is about to drop but… Thanks to some sneakiness, we’re switching things up!

February’s track, Rich!, won’t make it’s first appearance on Firstofthemonth.com like originally planned. To say this song is a WeKnowTheDJ exclusive would be an understatement and how we acquired this song is a secret I’ll never tell. Okay, so maybe bossman DJ Tay James “borrowed” it off of Maejor’s personal computer but… That’s beside the point! The point is WeKnowTheDJ has it first!

Rich!, produced by Mick Schultz and Maejor is one of those songs that will be stuck in your head for hours on end, especially with bossman’s infamous and easily recognized “drops.” Rich! comes from Maejor’s First of the Month label but he’s not shy about name-dropping his previous labels. As you listen to Rich! for the first time and continuously replay the track, you’ll catch a lot of references so be sure to listen carefully! Who knows, maybe you’ll even find some more exclusive information within the track’s verses!

For now, check out “Rich!” below and let us know exactly what you think! Get ready because I promise you’re about to hear a lot more from all of us. Also… Maejor, thanks for leaving your computer open!


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