Timeflies Tuesday

I don’t know about you but… Okay wait, nevermind, that sounds too much like Taylor Swift and if you ask any bartender in the United States to look at my license, it’s clear that I’m nowhere near feeling 22. But I hear birthday’s go downhill after you turn 21 so I’ll just keep counting down the days until my 21st later this year! Okay, sorry, back to the music! But speaking of countdowns… it’s important for y’all to know that I have three favorite entertainment events each week: Mike Stud’s #SundayStudDay, Scandal on Thursday nights and last but certainly not least… Timeflies Tuesday!

This week, thanks to iTunes’ hour-early release schedule, Timeflies Tuesday happened on Monday night as I was procrastinating on my seemingly endless homework assignments. Timeflies’ latest single, “NSFW,” hit iTunes at 11:00 on Monday night and it’s safe to assume that I’ve had the track on repeat since its release. If you’ve kept up with all things WeKnowTheDJ, you know we hold a special place in our hearts and our iTunes’ library for Rob “Rez” Resnick and Cal Shapiro. The three-minute song, written by Shapiro and Resnick, has gotten nothing but positive reviews. Honestly, after you listen to the track for the first time, I think you’ll understand why.

The electro-hop track, featuring American rapper and singer Angel Haze, come prior to the duo’s upcoming third studio album. Following the success of 2014’s After Hours, album number three is scheduled for a 2015 release via Universal Music Group and Island Records. Although specific details (such as the upcoming album’s title, track list and release date) haven’t been shared yet, we’re all anticipating another round of success for the New York-by-way-of-Boston duo. Also, a piece of unsolicited advice—if you feel like betting, I’d place a significant amount of money on the chances of us posting significant Timeflies coverage throughout 2015. After all, I think I can speak for a majority of the WeKnowTheDJ team when I say After Hours is still one of the most-played albums in our iTunes libraries!

Speaking of libraries… I probably wouldn’t suggest watching the “NSFW” music video in a library, unless you’re looking for some strange looks from those sitting next to you. The “NSFW” music video, directed by Yolande Geralds, is just that: Not Safe For Work. So, if you plan on watching the video while sitting in your cubicle, don’t say I didn’t warn you! For those willing to take that risk (or for those taking a self-proclaimed snow day like I am), I’ve posted the music video below. Just be prepared because it’s like nothing we’ve seen before!

The music video’s content isn’t the only thing that’s Not Safe For Work. The track’s lyrics are also pretty racy. Don’t believe me? Here’s a peek at some of them: “Looking like an angel but she’s wearing black, hop up in that range, girl I’m feeling that, Make that mini skirt do a disappearing act, I’m Houdini with the lingerie oh, Specialized in hoes getting out of their clothes, do it in the mirror working on a new pose.” Still not sure what the song means? Well, here’s the chorus: “Girl, take your phone out, Send me something not safe for work, Not safe for work, Not safe for work.” I think you all understand where I’m going with this one!

Although I wouldn’t suggest playing the music video during a board meeting or singing the lyrics out loud as your boss is walking by, I definitely suggest listening to the track on repeat! Mark my words: 2015 is Timeflies’ year! Before I go listen to “NSFW” two dozen more times, I need to personally thank Cal and Rez for recording and releasing a song that definitely qualifies to be my song of the summer. Now if only summer would get here a little faster—Mother Nature, I’m kinda getting over the fact that New York continues to be colder than Alaska! So, as I continue to stay bundled up, I want to hear what you have to say about “NSFW” so send a tweet to @weknowthedj and let’s talk!



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