Nathan Sykes’ “More Than You’ll Ever Know”

Holy. Vocals.

That’s all I can say right now about Nathan Sykes’ latest release! His newest song is titled “More Than You’ll Ever Know” but right now, all I know is that NOBODY has vocals that measure up to Nathan’s!

We’re still pretty bummed out about The Wanted’s decision to take a break but until they decide to grace us with some new music, we’re going to enjoy the youngest lad’s new solo career! While talking to MTV about a month ago, Nathan Sykes said, “I’m far too young to put my music career on hold. I feel like I have a lot to give and I feel like I have a lot of music to write and a lot to prove as well.” Based on his latest release, we can’t help but agree!

Taking a page out of Beyoncé and Drake’s books, Nathan took to Twitter on Thursday morning with a surprise for music fans everywhere. The twenty-one year old tweeted “My first single will be out in spring but as you’ve all been so amazingly patient I didn’t want you to wait until then…” Less than a minute later, Nathan sent out another tweet, this time directing us to his Facebook page where was download link for “More Than You’ll Ever Know” was waiting. Before I post the link to the song, I need y’all to trust me on this one when I say this song will change the way you listen to music.

There is absolutely no denying Nathan’s talent but as you listen to the three-and-a-half minute song, you’ll realize just how “next-level” Nathan’s voice truly is. It seems like almost every song released recently has an EDM-head bopping vibe but Nathan has switched things up and we’re anxiously counting down the days until his forthcoming album is released! The ballad includes lyrics like “Hey girl I’ve been thinking of you/Hey girl I don’t want no other/It’s a cold, cold world when I’m without you” and is extremely catchy but be honest, are you really surprised? Nathan’s voice was made to sing ballads! Don’t believe us? Ask the people at Digital Sky who have already heard three tracks from his upcoming album. In their words, Nathan’s voice has a “raspy, soulful texture, flitting from slick harmonies to impassioned falsettos.”

While we don’t have any official details about the album’s release date or Nathan’s upcoming debut single, it’s almost spring (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself because I’m currently snowed in… Again) so stay tuned to for everything you need to know! Until we get some more updates, we’ll be listening to “More Than You’ll Ever Know” on repeat and suggest you do the same! Also, be sure to send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and share your thoughts about Nathan’s new solo career!



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