Mike Stud’s “It’s Spring Break, Homie!”

“It’s Spring Break, Homie!”

Whether it’s his family, friends or fans, it’s no secret that Mike Stud’s supporters have always played a huge role in his story. It’s also no secret that when a fan suggests something, Mike goes out of his way to try and get it done. Now I’m not saying your doorbell will ring if you tweet Mike and ask him to come over but I am saying that if enough fans want some new music for spring break, Mike will spend endless nights in the studio making sure that happens!

And… that’s exactly what he has done!

With the help of some Snapchat stories, we’ve gotten an inside look at Mike’s late-night studio sessions over the past few weeks. Thanks Mike, Gerry, Foley and Blue for keeping us all up-to-date! Well, hard work pays off because Mike has just treated us to five new songs on a project titled, It’s Spring Break, Homie! According to Gerry, Mike’s day-to-day manager and my go-to guy for all Mike Stud related information, “If spring break is like Christmas for college kids…. Then call @Mike_Stud Santa Claus with this music he’s about to drop #ISBH” In the past six months that I’ve gotten to know Gerry, he has only spoken the truth and after listening to It’s Spring Break, Homie!, I can confirm that Gerry was right—again.

The project comes right as a majority of Mike’s fans are starting spring break, giving everyone something to vibe with as they escape their campuses for warmer weather, a little relaxation and a lot of partying! The project includes five new tracks as well as “Wall Street,” a track that Mike released a few weeks ago and a track that has been on repeat in my house since its release. It’s Spring Break, Homie! is available for free download on Mike’s website (mikestudofficial.com) and this is one of those times you should definitely take my advice and download it immediately! While it’s downloading, check out my track-by-track commentary below!

This Feeling (produced by Louis Bell and TJ Mizell)

Mike Stud’s doing something that most people wouldn’t even attempt. He’s changing the game. Although Mike knows he doesn’t have it figured out, there’s no doubt that he’s living a dream. If the intro track to It’s Spring Break, Homie! teaches you one thing, let it be that those who know the least are always the one’s who have the most to say. If I can give you one piece of advice—keep doing you!

On & On Remix featuring Huey Mack and Sammy Adams (prod. by Louis Bell)

You know what’s always a good idea? Mike Stud, Sammy Adams and Huey Mack on the same song! I saw the trio share a stage in New York City not too long ago and to say it was a party would be an understatement. Honestly, I can say the same about the “On & On Remix.” I hate to be like this but if you don’t think the “On & On Remix” is a smash, I don’t think we can be friends anymore.

Nada (produced by Louis Bell)

I heard “Nada” for the first time a few months ago during some pre-show backstage brews with Blue in New Jersey. Since that night, I’ve been counting down the days to its official release and it’s here just in time for spring break! Mike’s right, a lot of people are talking but saying nothing. Thankfully Mike isn’t one of those people. He’s talking and we’re definitely listening!

Closer Remix (produced by Unlike Pluto)

“Closer” has ranked toward the top of my list since the first time I heard it but this remix brings things to the next level. The production on this remix is absolutely insane, proving exactly why Mike Stud’s genre can only be described as “Mike Stud.” Although I can’t take credit for coming up with that description, I agree with Mike 1000 percent.

Leave the Night On Remix (producing by Louis Bell)

Omg… Things couldn’t be better! Nothing could possibly be better than one of my favorite people remixing one of my favorite country songs! Mike, let me know if you’re serious about getting lost together. You already know I’m down! I promise this one will be played in my car every single day.

Wall Street (produced by Louis Bell)

Although “Wall Street” was released a little over three weeks ago, it definitely earns its spot on It’s Spring Break, Homie! Mark my words: the song is an instant hit. Mike broke the Internet with the “Wall Street” release but after It’s Spring Break, Homie! I’m pretty sure the Internet and music industry will never be the same.

The only thing that measures up to the lyrics on the six tracks is the production. Louis Bell, Unlike Pluto and TJ Mizell are masterminds when it comes to music production and have successfully given us something other than the now-cliché EDM sounds that have taken over every radio station. Now, it’s only a matter of time before Mike Stud and his unique instrumentals are taking over the airwaves.

Want more Mike Stud on weknowthedj.com? Don’t worry, we have a ton of plans over the next 12 months! Until then, go download It’s Spring Break, Homie! and send us a tweet at @weknowthedj to let us know which song is your favorite!



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