Introducing B.E.C.

We have all impatiently counted down the days until we could legally drive a car or enter a bar but thankfully there isn’t a minimum age on chasing dreams. There’s no rulebook that says you can’t follow your passion until you reach a certain age. As a team, we’re constantly pushing each other toward greatness and every so often, we’re lucky enough to come across an artist or group of artists with the same mentality. During a recent and unexpected twist of events, I came across upstate New York based rap group Best Ever Crew and was immediately hooked. By now, you know we love to share our favorites so grab your headphones and get ready to meet a duo with an incredible amount of potential!

Best Ever Crew, more commonly known as B.E.C., is about more than just rapping (I’ll explain a little bit later) but everyone knows WeKnowTheDJ is all about the music so… Let’s talk music! Flow Namath and Scary, whose real names are undisclosed for now (hey, I gotta keep some secrets!), wrote their first rhymes in elementary school but started seriously paving their lane in 2013 when they first started recording at Kaotic Studios.

That’s where our story begins. After B.E.C. started recording at the Rochester, New York studio, they released their first project and quickly signed to Kaotic Records, an independent label based in Rochester. After signing their deal, Flow and Scary released The Bamboo Lounge, a 2014 album that you can get on iTunes. The sixteen tracks have been on repeat in my headphones so head on over to and grab a copy of The Bamboo Lounge so we can talk favorites!

I have confirmation from the B.E.C. boys that they’ve been working hard on their next album but before I let you in on those secrets, let’s talk about some of their famous friends. Flow and Scary have opened for some of our favorite artists, including Shwayze, Cam Meekins, Carlton, Jitta on the Track and Chris Webby. Impressive, right? Who knows, maybe we’ll even see a collaboration or two on their upcoming project!

Speaking of the next B.E.C, project… We have some exclusive information for all of our dedicated readers and all of B.E.C.’s dedicated fans! B.E.C. hasn’t released the name or artwork for their upcoming project and although we don’t have the artwork, we do know the project’s title! Think dawn, rebirth and the beginning. The B.E.C. boys told me “the entire crew feels as though this mixtape will be the one that really begins to put us in the public eye, sort of like our dawn.” So it’s only right that the project’s title is Aurora. Yes, you heard it here first but be sure to follow B.E.C. on Twitter (@____) to be the first to see the mixtape’s artwork later this week! While we don’t know the project’s tracklist or release date, we have high hopes for the upcoming mixtape!

Do you know what always comes with new music? New music videos! B.E.C. has shot several videos with Hunter Lyon and when I asked them what’s next, they said, “there’s more to come soon” which means there’s even more for us to look forward to! But, if you’re as impatient as we are, you can head over to B.E.C.’s YouTube channel and watch any or all of their old releases and their very entertaining Crewday Tuesday series. Who knows, maybe they’ll invite us to a video shoot or studio session soon but for now, send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know which B.E.C. video is your favorite!

So now that you have an idea about B.E.C.’s music, you probably want some background information about the Rochester based group, right? Well, they shared some insight with us so you’re in luck! B.E.C. started when Flow Namath and Scary were in middle school after Flow moved to the upstate city from a New York City suburb. As they’ve gotten older, B.E.C. has become a core group of friends with ambitious spirits and according to Flow and Scary, “each member cannot be replaced.” In their words, “If you’re someone who believes in breaking the mold and chasing your dreams, you are part of The Crew.” Well, that’s a message we can definitely stand behind!



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