Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande Perform Together

New year, new attitude, new tour?! Yes, WeKnowTheDJ readers, believe it or not, we’re one step closer to the next and biggest chapter of Justin Bieber’s career! We’ve watched Bieber grow from a floppy-haired thirteen-year-old to a tatted up twenty-one year old and on this past Saturday night, we watched as he renewed his confidence as soon as he joined Ariana Grande on stage!

On March 28th, the temperature wasn’t the only thing heating up in Miami. The last weekend of March is when Ultra Music Festival hits the south Florida city but this year, Miami’s American Airlines Arena was the place to be on Saturday night! Ariana Grande is in the middle of her first headlining arena tour and absolutely killing it each night (that girl can SING!) but the Break Free singer switched things up on Saturday night by asking a certain Canadian to join her as she performed Love Me Harder!

After dancing his way through Love Me Harder and then repeatedly apologizing for forgetting the lyrics, it was clear Bieber wasn’t ready to leave the stage. After some back-and-forth chatting, the two artists, both managed by Scooter Braun, went on to perform two of Bieber’s biggest tracks, All That Matters and As Long As You Love Me. Ariana even stepped up and rapped boyfriend Big Sean’s verse in As Long As You Love Me! Yes, those weren’t rumors and we have video to prove it!

As expected, the two absolutely blew the roof off the arena. The Stratford, Ontario native brought his swoon-worthy dance moves and scream-inducing vocals to the table as the Boca Raton, Florida native showed off her game-changing high vocals. Sounds like a lot going on at once, right? Wrong! The two singers balanced each other out practically perfect, leaving us to wonder when we’ll finally hear a Bieber-Grande collaboration. Speaking of collaborations, I’ve let my mind wander and I’ve come up with one realization: the possibilities are endless. Justin first teased the possibility of a duet with Ariana on his Instagram 47 weeks ago. Yes, that infamous shot was posted 11 months ago! Where does the time go? But let’s focus on the more important question…

Could a Justin Bieber/Ariana Grande collaboration tour happen in the near future?! Well, taking a page out of the Canadian’s book—Never say never! Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Tyga have recently teamed up and toured together so who’s to say Braun’s biggest acts couldn’t do the same? We know Justin’s aching to get back on the road and from the sound of it, Ariana’s loving tour life so if you ask me, a collaboration tour sounds perfect! In even better news, it seems Scooter Braun agrees! After the duo hit the stage, their manager posted a photo on Instagram with the caption “Loudest arena tonight. When Justin Bieber came out to sing with Ariana Grande the place went nuts. They did 3 songs and were incredible. Sounds like a tour in the making ;)” Yes Scooter, yes!!

Much to nobody’s surprise, social media blew up as soon as die-hard Beliebers and Arianators realized their idols would be hitting the stage together, proving (once again) that Kim Kardashian never really “broke” the Internet. We watched Bieber break the Internet back in January when he revealed his Calvin Klein campaign but those reactions were mirrored on Saturday night when he joined Grande on stage. And it’s not just the two fanbases reacting! I’ve gotten plenty of texts and DMs in the past twenty-four hours asking if I saw the clips of the two superstars sharing a stage. Of course I saw the clips! It’s literally my job to keep an eye on Bieber’s actions, whether that includes a new shirtless selfie or a surprise performance!

In a recent exclusive interview with USA Today, Bieber said, “I can say I’m in a better place, but until they see the walk, and see the transition come to life, that’s what’s really going to matter.” Well JB, I think people are noticing just how much you’ve grown in the past year! Adding this week’s Comedy Central Roast and this year’s highly anticipated album, the world is watching and listening to Bieber’s every move, possibly more than ever before. Speaking of his upcoming album, Bieber told USA Today, “I’m finishing up the album now, working with Kanye and Rick [Rubin]. I’m not rushing it, I’ll just wait until it’s totally done” but after his recent trip to the American Airlines Arena, I have a feeling the album may be appearing on store shelves sooner than we think!

Saturday night was the first time JB performed in front of 20,000 fans so as soon as we heard he was making an appearance, we expected some nerves and maybe a misstep or two but milliseconds after stepping on stage, it was like he never left. We know Bieber feeds off the energy of those surrounding him so between the roar of the crowd on Saturday night and the feedback that he’s received in the past day, I can’t see him staying away from the spotlight much longer. Plain and simple, Justin Bieber belongs on stage.



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