Introducing James Remy

At this point, it goes without saying but music surrounds us at all hours of the day and although there’s some sort of scientific explanation about soundwaves and the human brain, I’m a writer, not a scientist. I can’t explain why we hear certain sounds the way we do or why we enjoy some sounds more than others but I do know we’re defined by the sounds that surround us. We go through so many experiences on a daily basis; experiences that shape us into the people we are. After a lot of thinking and even more listening, I’ve realized songs also shape us into who we are.

Think about that for a minute. Looking at it briefly, a song is a three to four minute combination of sounds and words but digging deeper, it’s obvious why today’s music industry is so competitive. It’s 2015. Anyone can upload a video or two on YouTube but not everyone has what it takes to be a credible artist. In order to create a timeless song, you need a contagious melody, attention-grasping lyrics, a sense of artistry and the right voice. Although I’m the first to admit that my list of favorite songs grows by the day, I’m also the first to admit that I often find myself focusing on the beat of a song more than a track’s lyrics.

By now, you’re probably somewhat confused on where I’m going with this one but I promise there’s a reason behind the thoughts flooding my mind. Enter James Remy, a members of New York City’s H.O.M.E. team who we introduced you to a few months ago. Back in January, on his 22nd birthday, James Remy released ’22,’ a track that earned him a spot on our “artists to watch” list. Less than three months later, James Remy has proved once again why he ended up on our radar. Two weeks ago, James Remy released his ’22 EP,’ a compilation of eight tracks, each bringing something unique to the table.

As I’ve listened to the EP more times than I’d like to admit, one thing has been clear while focusing on each individual track—denying James Remy’s talent is impossible. Give the twenty-two year old New Yorker a laptop and some inspiration and you’ll get a track that just about anyone can relate to on an emotional level. That emotion is evident on the entire EP. From “MELJA” to “2030” and every track in between, all posted below, a story without words is told within every track. As James Remy continues to gain recognition, it’s only a matter of time before he creates a beat that’s featured on a chart-topper!

Mark my words, this is still James Remy’s beginning. As his career and motivation continue to grow, he’ll find his footing in the craziness known as today’s music industry. For now, we’ll be watching James Remy’s progression and supporting him every step of the way. Will you be doing the same? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know!


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