In the Spotlight: Skate Maloley

In high school, Nate Maloley was just a normal kid in Nebraska who spent a majority of his free time playing sports and hanging out with his friends. After graduating from high school, he went on to play basketball in college but after his first year at Hastings College, he decided it was time to pursue his other passion: hip-hop music. Today, he is literally living the dream with his best friends out in California. So how does a kid from Omaha, Nebraska make it big in the extremely competitive City of Dreams? Thanks to hard work, loyal fans and a can-do attitude, Nate Maloley has figured it out and has found his way into this week’s WeKnowTheDJ In the Spotlight.

So where does our Nate Maloley story begin? Let’s turn back the hands of time to the summer of 2014 when Maloley, who also goes by “Skate,” was given the opportunity to create music for a fan base that was growing at high-speed. He quickly found a groove with high school friend Sammy Wilkinson and the two would go on to be known as “Sammy and Skate.” A few short months after the two started seriously making music together, they were asked to join another up-and-coming duo from Omaha, Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky, a pair you all know as Jack & Jack. This is the point where most people would say “the rest is history…” but for Skate Maloley, this was only the beginning.

During the Jack & Jack Digitour, Skate’s fans quickly gave him the push he needed. Today, he writes his own verses and it’s very obvious that the twenty-year-old pours his heart and soul into everything he does. Plus, he’s easy on the eyes… Right girls? Over the past year, we have watched Skate’s career grow at the speed of light, leaving us curious as to what he will accomplish before his twenty-first birthday in January. But, in the wise words of my mom, we can’t wish away the present so… Let’s take a look at Skate Maloley’s most recent releases!

On March 14, 2015, Skate and Sammy released the official music video for their single, “Wassup,” on YouTube and by now, I’m definitely responsible for at least 100 of the 279,000 views it has gathered in less than ten weeks. The three-minute video, directed by John Anthony Villalobos, features the boys, two good-looking blondes, an old Mustang convertible and some breathtaking Southern California landscapes. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to check out the music video, it’s posted below. I’m going to go watch it (again) and keep my fingers crossed that the next time I’m in Los Angeles, Sammy and Skate ask me to go on a road trip to a house party! Hey, a girl can dream, right?

A month after the “Wassup” video hit YouTube, Skate released a mixtape, appropriately titled Twenty-Fifteen, exclusively on DatPiff. I won’t lie, Twenty-Fifteen was the first Skate Maloley project I ever really listened to. I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline on April 20, the day the tape was released, when I came across the link and automatically checked it out. Now, Twenty-Fifteen is the first thing I listen to every time I plug my earphones into my iPhone or my iPhone into my car’s aux cord. Trust me, you need to listen to the ten-track tape—every song will be stuck in your head in no time, that’s a promise!

In the days since Twenty-Fifteen hit iPhones everywhere, Sammy and Skate returned for not one but two new music videos, assisting long-time friend Dillon Rupp in his “Where Art Thou” music video and later appearing in their own “Nothing to a King” video. We watched the latter come to life through various Snapchat stories and it was clear from the very beginning that it would be one to watch. I guess that’s why it has racked up close to 100,000 views in 4 days. Not bad for a couple of kids from Nebraska!

But, believe it or not… There’s more! On May 23, Skate teamed up with Kyle Massey on “Pay Check,” a track available exclusively on Skate’s SoundCloud and posted below. If you know good music, I guarantee this three-minute track that will definitely make its way onto your summer playlist; it’s already on ours! Just trust me on this one. Give it a listen below and get ready to love all things Skate Maloley.

That’s just about everything Skate has released recently but that doesn’t mean he has slowed down in the studio. We have confirmation that he has been working on a song with one of our favorite rappers; I don’t want to spoil anything but try to mentally prepare! If you want to see Skate on tour, he’s heading out on the DigiTour—he’ll be making appearances at DigiFest in New York City, Massachusetts, Toronto, Cleveland and Chicago next month. You can still get tickets at

We’re not exactly sure where Skate’s career is going next but we know he’s not slowing down anytime soon. Do you agree? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know!



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