James Remy’s “Overseas Connection”

If you ask me what my favorite song is, I’ll rattle off a list of Top 100 tracks and relatively unknown jams. If you ask me in an hour, I’ll change my answer. If you ask me tomorrow, I’ll have a different answer. If you ask me next week or next month, my favorite song will be completely different. The music industry is constantly changing and so are our favorite songs, albums and artists. Whether we’re talking about songs to jam out to during a pre-game or instrumentals that make you appreciate the beauty of music, the industry is full of talent.

While we have plenty to say about those classic tracks and spur-of-the-moment jams, there isn’t much to say about instrumentals. In the big picture, an instrumental is just a piece of the puzzle. An instrumental doesn’t include the lyrics that get stuck in your head but it does include the melodies and beats that you find yourself tapping your feet along to. Just last week, we were introduced to a new instrumental collaboration tape that has connected two very different locations and two very different styles.

‘The Overseas Connection,’ a six-track tape, was released just over a week ago. The project is just what it says—an overseas connection. James Remy from New York, a familiar face on weknowthedj.com, teamed up with Alalu from London, a newcomer to weknowthedj.com. The tape features “To Bleed Is To Live,” “Long Time Coming,” “Chicago,” “Trans-Atlantic,” “Smoke,” and “Pay Us Or Walk Away.” Although each track stands on its own, the tape flows together in such a natural progression, proving James Remy and Alalu have a chemistry that cannot be faked.

We’ve posted the entire tape below so be sure to check it out and let us know what you think:

You’ve seen James Remy on weknowthedj.com numerous times in the past few months because the kid never stops working. A few short days after “The Overseas Connection” hit SoundCloud, James Remy posted “Devotion,” a solo tape with eight strong tracks. But the “Devotion” and “The Overseas Connection” releases haven’t slowed James Remy down. Rumor has it that he’s already working on his next project.

Speaking of James Remy’s upcoming project, there are also a few rumors floating around that Alalu will be featured vocally on James Remy’s next project. We’ll be listening and we assume you will be too! We’ll also be listening to Alalu’s upcoming 12-track album. Following the 12 stages of Genesis, it’s only appropriate that Alalu titles the upcoming album “Gensis” and based on his Twitter, it’s safe to assume that’s his plan.

Our plan? We have music to listen to! So… Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know your thoughts on “The Overseas Connection,” James Remy and Alalu.



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