Huey Mack’s “Things Change”

You know those cliché rapid-fire questions that are asked in almost every interview? Well I was procrastinating on YouTube one day and it got me thinking—if I was ever asked those questions, especially ones related to music, I would have no idea what to say. I know plenty about the music industry and various artists but when I try to describe my taste in music, “jumbled mess” is the first thing to come to mind. Each time I hit “shuffle” on my iPhone, I never know what will play through my headphones. I can’t tell you my favorite song or the artist everyone needs to have in his or her iTunes library. For me, an average listening session consists of almost every imaginable music genre by a wide range of incredibly talented artists. Well, until today.

For the time being, I plan on listening to one thing and one thing only thanks to Joseph Dalton Michael, an artist you know as Huey Mack and a guy I know as my favorite West Virginian. Okay, he’s the only person I know from West Virginia but if I magically knew everyone in the state, he would still be my favorite. I know, that’s a bold statement but I have reasoning to back it up! It doesn’t take long to realize that Huey Mack has built a name and a brand for himself a rapidly changing industry. But more impressively, he’s done it in a way that most people haven’t.

Huey Mack didn’t spend his afternoons as a young kid in voice lessons or acting classes. He picked up a pen at fourteen and started writing music as a joke, never imagining that ten years later, he would be traveling the world to perform for thousands of obsessed fans. At eighteen, he released his first free mixtape, titled “Wish Me Luck,” and I think it’s safe to say he has only gone up since. With feel-good music and plenty of turn-up tracks, it’s no surprise that people everywhere are eager to buy Huey’s music and attend his concerts. And because of iTunes’ newest addition, I won’t be surprised when Mack’s fanbase expands ten-fold.

On Tuesday, June 23, “Things Change,” Huey Mack’s newest project, drops on iTunes and based on what I’ve already heard, I’m obsessed with Mack’s latest venture! The entire fourteen-track creation hits iTunes at midnight but if you head over to right now and pre-order the album, you’ll automatically receive 6 of the 14 tracks. The six already-released tracks have racked up an impressive view count in my iTunes library since their release and I don’t think it will take long for you to figure out why.

In order to give fans everything they could have wanted and more, Huey has recruited Goody Grace, Afrojack, Twista, Mike Stud, TeamMate and Louis Bell to help him out on the album. As I’ve studied albums and artists, it’s clear that there is a fine line between “too many collaborations” and “just the right amount” but don’t worry, on Things Change, Huey Mack has chosen the perfect number of collaborators! In every collaboration, all artists involved bring something unique to the table, proving that each of them has earned their well-respected spot in the ever-changing and extremely competitive music industry.

From motivational tracks and songs that will be stuck in your head for days on end to songs you want playing in the background while you’re shotgunning a beer, Things Change has something for everyone. There are accompanying music videos that might leave you confused at first, like the one posted below, and music videos that show just how far Huey Mack has come in the past few years. Based on the six songs I have already heard, it’s pretty clear that there is a song for whatever mood you’re in!

If you’re in the mood to party this summer, I suggest you follow my lead and make an appearance at a show when Huey Mack comes through your city. Huey is heading out on his “Things Change Tour” in exactly a month and he’s bringing along a few friends. Cam Meekins, Futuristic and TJ Hickey will be tagging along as the “Things Change Tour” makes stops in Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, Toronto, Buffalo, Pennsylvania, Boston, Connecticut, New York City, New Jersey, Michigan and Indiana.

In a recent interview, when asked about his shows, Huey said, “Man, it’s just fun, plain and simple. We like to party with everyone else and just give them a very fast-paced, energetic show that leaves them like ‘woah, what a night.’” I saw Huey perform a few songs with Mike Stud back in December and energetic is definitely one word I would use to describe the atmosphere inside of the venue. For that reason, I’ll be making an appearance when the “Things Change Tour” hits New York City on August 4th so stay tuned to for a post-show exclusive.

While I’m counting down the days until August 4th, I want to know your thoughts on Huey Mack’s latest album so send us a tweet at @weknowthedj—we’ll see you on the road!



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