Nicky Fresh’s “Just Add Alcohol”

It has been almost a year since we introduced our dedicated WeKnowTheDJ readers to Nicky Fresh, the Jersey Shore’s hottest up-and-coming rapper. Since September of 2014, we have interviewed Nicky Fresh, attended a few of his performances, and added his music to our playlists on countless occasions. And if that isn’t enough Nicky Fresh, as of Monday, June 22, there are five new tracks to add to your Summer 2015 playlist!

At 11 o’clock at night on the first official day of summer, Nicky’s debut EP, Just Add Alcohol, hit iTunes and in less than twelve hours, it has received a five-star rating, a well-deserved accomplishment for the New Jersey native. Nicky Fresh has remained rather quiet lately but what’s that saying? Oh yeah, “work in silence, let your success make the noise.” After only one listen through of his entire EP, it became clear that is exactly what the 21-year-old has done with this newest release.

We got our first glimpse of Just Add Alcohol on Tuesday June 16, when Nicky Fresh dropped the music video for “All Night,” the EP’s lead track and lead single. The video, produced by TyCo and posted below, was filmed back in March when Nicky and a few friends piled in a car and drove from New Jersey to Panama City Beach for Spring Break. Spring Break isn’t Vegas so for a few hundred lucky, what happened on Spring Break ended up on YouTube. Check out the video below and if you were wondering, yes, I’m going on Spring Break with Nicky Fresh and his friends next year!

Adding a little something extra to the equation, Nicky Fresh enlisted the help of two of his very talented friends on this EP; Joe Pirrera makes an appearance on the hook of “Dream Girl” and TJ Hickey shows up for a verse in “How You Feelin’,” two tracks that can very clearly stand on their own. You may recognize Joe and TJ from previous WeKnowTheDJ articles—Joe made an appearance on “Good Day,” the 2014 track that introduced Nicky Fresh to WeKnowTheDJ. TJ has made a few appearances of his own on in the past few months; he also released an album on June 22nd and we’ll be heading out to see him on tour with Huey Mack later this summer!

Three down, two to go. The last two songs on Just Add Alcohol contain things that everyone can relate to in one way or another: family, biological or not, and big butts. I have faith in all of our readers and their comprehension skills so I’m assuming all of you can make an educated guess about what “Niykee Heaton” is about. Based on titles, it’s also pretty clear what “Day Ones” is about. The EP’s closing song is about all the people who have been supporting Nicky Fresh since the day he made the decision to strive for greatness. An hour and a half before Just Add Alcohol was released, Nicky logged onto Twitter and summed it up perfectly by tweeting, “Need to give credit where it’s due. Thanks to my family for having my back throughout this journey. Always been there when I needed it.” You know what they say: Family First.

As the temperatures are getting higher and the days are getting longer, Nicky’s Day Ones and dedicated fans officially have five new songs to play on repeat All Night long. Who knows maybe someone will even find his or her Dream Girl while Just Add Alcohol plays in the distance. See what I did there? The temperatures are rising quickly in New York which means it’s time for me to grab my bikini and headphones—I’ll be listening to Just Add Alcohol all day but don’t worry, I’ll be taking breaks here and there to read your reactions to Nicky Fresh’s new EP so tweet them to @weknowthedj!


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