Sunday Stud Day Part 1

If you know anything about Mike Stud, you know he got his start on the Internet and you know he gained a majority of his fans (especially his Day One fans) while touring the country over and over again. Needless to say, a lot of those fans were shocked when they heard the Rhode Island native wouldn’t be visiting their cities this summer. Mike Stud goes on tour. It’s what he does. When I heard about his decision, my initial reaction included the slightest amount of shock but that was quickly replaced by excitement. I’ve gotten to know Mike well enough over the past year to know he doesn’t slow down. For Mike Stud, a summer off the road means a summer in the studio.

There’s no denying that Mike has spent an abundance of time in the booth at West Hollywood’s Electric Feel studio over the past couple of months. The guy just doesn’t stop working and it’s definitely paying off. He’s only performing once this summer in New Jersey’s Atlantic City this weekend but that doesn’t mean he’s not thinking about future performances. We still have over a month left of summer but there’s no doubt that Summer 2015 is already the Summer of Mike Stud. Between music videos, Snapchat sneak peeks, dozens of Instagram posts and five brand-new Sunday Stud Day songs, July has been a great month for Stud’s loyal fans.

The month started off strong on July 2nd when Mike premiered the music video for “This Feeling,” a track off his March project “It’s Spring Break, Homie!” The three-minute video has been viewed over 221,000 times since its premiere and features actual footage from July 7, 2014, the day Mike’s album debuted at #1 and what he refers to as one of the best days of his life. While speaking of the video posted below, Mike said, “It was MY version of a perfect day. The feeling I got from being with all the people I love, doing all the things I love, is something that truly stayed with me. This song is about happiness… and the video is what mine looks like.”

Three days after “This Feeling” hit YouTube, Mike added two new tracks to his SoundCloud account for this summer’s first Sunday Stud Day. Sharing the spotlight with Tdot Illdude, Mike released “California” and a remix to “Feeling Myself.” While speaking of his collaborations with Stud, Illdude said, “We both from the east coast, out here in California making our dreams come true – if u not hip to Mike Stud do ya math, he’s been selling out shows all over the country on the underground & college scene for the past year, his following is INSANE, plus he makes incredible music, so when he asked me to get on this song with him, it was a given and a blessing.”

As the temperatures were finally heating up on the East Coast, Mike dropped “California,” another prime example of why he is arguably one of the hottest in the game right now. The two-and-a-half minute song, posted above, has practically forced me to check flight prices from New York City to Los Angeles on a daily basis. If it doesn’t do the same for you, it will at least give you a look at the kind of guy Stud is behind the scenes, especially as he raps, “Always been the type of dude if I want it, I’ma get it.” Along with “California,” Mike & Illdude’s “Feeling Myself (Remix)” also hit SoundCloud on July 5. Trust me when I say the three-minute song, posted below, is one that you’ll find yourself jamming out to multiple times a day. Both songs were released three weeks ago and they’re still in rotation every time I get into my car. Again, just trust me on this one.

A week after “California” and “Feeling Myself (Remix)” were added to Mike’s SoundCloud, he added another track that I find myself jamming to far too often. “Minute,” featuring G4shi and posted below, was released on Sunday July 12. Based on its view count, I think it’s safe to assume a few hundred people have listened to the three-minute song at least 12 times a day since its release. The more I listen to Mike Stud’s music, the more I realize how relatable his bars are—something that’s definitely not missing in “Minute.” Just give the song one listen and I guarantee you’ll find a handful of lines that you relate to in one way or another.

On July 19, Mike teamed up with OCD: Moosh and Twist on “Never Going Back.” After one listen, it was clear that because of this song, Mike Stud’s career would never go back to how it was. This is one that will be on every pre-game playlist I create for the upcoming school year so if you’re looking for a party this semester, you know where to find me! The beat, perfected once again by Louis Bell, will have you bobbing your head within the first fifteen seconds and not too long after that, you’ll be greeted by Stud’s smooth style as he raps about his clothing line and his recent trip to the ESPYs. Later on in the track, Moosh and Twist make an appearance. I had the pleasure of meeting Moosh and Twist at one of Mike’s concerts in December and not only are they some of the nicest guys but their talent is undeniable; check it out below.

Last, but certainly not least, we need to talk about Mike’s newest and arguably his biggest release to date. At 6:30 p.m. on Sunday July 26, Mike released “These Days,” a four-and-half-minute song that will take the entire music industry by storm in no time. This is the one. Although this isn’t the last Sunday Stud Day song of the summer, it’s the last one of July and it is definitely the perfect way to end the month. I think it’s safe to assume a majority of Mike Stud fans and music lovers worldwide will be playing “These Days,” posted below, for countless days. The song’s chorus includes three main questions, “What’s next? What’s that? What’s up?” Well, I think it’s safe to say that Mike Stud is up next because that is raw and real talent. And up? That’s the only direction he’s headed.

As Mike’s career continues to grow, we’ll be in his corner, supporting his every move and awaiting what’s next. Are you doing the same? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know! Also, stay tuned for more Sunday Stud Day songs!



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