OMG Music Fest Exclusive

Do you spend as much time as possible at concerts? Do you watch countless YouTube videos from concerts you couldn’t attend? Do you always have a music-related countdown in the back of your mind? If you answered yes to any of those questions, we have more in common than you think! Like all of you, I jump at any chance to go to any concert so when I was invited to The Chance in Poughkeepsie, New York for OMG Music Fest’s 7th show, I knew I couldn’t say no. With a camera, notepad and pen stuffed in my bag, I made the trek to the Dutchess County city for a night that will be pretty hard to top.

I arrived at the somewhat hidden venue hours before doors opened; thanks to the kindness of the tour’s staff, WeKnowTheDJ was given an all-access, sneak-peek exclusive to the small details that make each OMG Music Fest show operate smoothly.

Up first? Soundcheck. Filled with artists, laughs and attempts to catch up on much-needed sleep, soundcheck is everything you’d expect and more. A few fans purchased “Rockstar for a Day” passes for the show, giving them early access to the venue, an all-access pass and the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a touring artist for a day. Only 4 “Rockstar for a Day” are sold in each city, giving four lucky fans the chance to have a personal experience with some of their favorites.

Once everyone’s microphones, vocals and instruments were ready to go, it was time to let in the fans that purchased Platinum tickets. Only 50 Platinum tickets were sold, giving 50 fans the chance to enter the venue two hours before the show started. As Platinum ticketholders made their way into The Chance, the Meet & Greet started in full-force. An OMG Music Fest Meet & Greet line is only comparable to a perfectly timed assembly line where everyone is moving in sync. As a fan approaches the first artist, their phone is handed to an OMG Music Fest staff member who continues to move the phone as the fan progresses down the line. Each fan is given an opportunity to give their idol a hug and take a picture or two; one of which will become the profile picture on every form of social media and most times, the other becomes the background of their iPhone.

As the tour’s crew ran in every direction, fangirls with homemade t-shirts and homemade signs made their way up a staircase to the intimate venue. In passing, I even heard a few kids send their moms to the front of the stage, guaranteeing their son or daughter would have an incredible view of the concert. As I continued to observe the Meet & Greet, I heard “OH MY GOD” and saw more selfies taken than I thought possible in such a short amount of time. In all honesty, if college doesn’t work out for any OMG Fest fangirls, they truly have potential to become professional selfie takers. As Platinum and Silver ticketholders progressed through the Meet & Greet line, they passed incredibly sweet handwritten letters to their idols and based on the amount of tears, you’d think there was a showing of The Notebook at The Chance on Saturday night, not a concert!

Shortly after the Meet & Greet ended, it was time for the rest of the audience to enter the venue and it was time for the artists to make their way to the green room. I spent a significant amount of time in the green room, a cramped and hot space that quickly became a concert of its own as a guitar was passed in a constant rotation. During a green room jam sesh, impromptu collaborations were formed, new melodies and lyrics were created and laughs were shared between a group of incredibly talent young people who are truly as normal as you and I.

As the night progressed, each artist made an appearance on stage, playing around five songs, including originals and popular covers. As every artist was on stage, lights from iPhone flashlights replaced the cliché lighters in the audience from previous decades. Gavin Becker started off the show, followed by Evan Kreutzberg, Dylan Holland, Jonah Marais, Alyssa Shouse, Reed Demming, and finally, Nick Tangorra Band. A more detailed look at each artist’s and the hosts (Lisa McQueen and Mac Demy) can be found in an accompanying article, expected exclusively on later this week.

As the show came to a close, every artist gathered on stage, giving his or her fans one last acknowledgment. Once countless fangirls made their way out of the venue, a few lucky fans were gifted a “Golden Ticket,” given them an extra half hour to make memories with some of their favorite artists. Once security successfully cleared the venue, it was time to pack everything up and prepare to head to the next city.

OMG Music Fest makes a stop in Boston tonight and ends this leg of tour tomorrow night in Philadelphia. If you live in Boston or Philadelphia, I suggest getting tickets to this weekend’s shows immediately, I promise you won’t regret it. And for the rest of you, I expect all of you to purchase tickets whenever additional shows are added to a new leg of OMG Music Fest. For anyone who has attended an OMG Music Fest show over the past month, send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know your thoughts!



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