Paloma Ford Exclusive

Disclaimer: As I begin this post, I’m assuming you’ve seen Meek Mill’s “I Don’t Know” music video. If you haven’t, you’re about three months late to the party but that’s beside the point right now. If you’re one of the 2.6 million people who have watched the music video, chances are you noticed Paloma Ford, the blonde singer who undoubtedly stole the show throughout the entire video.

As a team, we have come to a unanimous decision that now is the perfect time to formally introduce you to the American R&B/Hip-Hop singer. There’s plenty we can say about Paloma Ford’s story (and one day we’ll do just that) but today, in true WeKnowTheDJ fashion, we’re focusing on the music.

Like many up-and-coming acts, Paloma started her career on YouTube. Starting in 2012, Paloma posted videos of “Dollars,” “Ménage à trois,” “Right Now,” “Hit of You,” a remix of “Loyal” and “Let Me See” featuring Meek Mill. Her channel has been viewed nearly 409,000 times—not too bad for someone who joined the site less than four years ago!

One thing more impressive than her YouTube stats? Her newest release. On September 9, Paloma Ford (with some help from Vevo) released the music video for her sultry debut single, “Jada.” The Matty Barnes-directed video, posted below, features Paloma belting her Blaqtuxedo-produced track in black and white. The track’s audio hit iTunes back in March and as I watch the three-minute video, I can’t help but hate myself for not finding Paloma sooner!

If you’re anything like me and just jumping on the Paloma Ford bandwagon, get ready because it’s about to be one wild ride. Expect to see a lot more about the blonde bombshell in the next few months on – her debut EP Nearly Civilized drops in October! Who knows, maybe we’ll even grab an exclusive from the upcoming superstar! Sound good? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know!



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