Episode Releases “Swim”

Alternative rock band Episode has just released “Swim,” the first single off their upcoming EP. The darkness of the track and the title are no coincidence. While explaining the single, David Lonner, the band’s lead singer, compared “Swim” to the feeling of drowning in a relationship – something all of us have experienced, to some extent, at one point or another.

There’s a good chance that this is the first time you’re hearing of Episode, as “Swim” is the first and only post on their SoundCloud account, but we can guarantee this isn’t the last time you will be hearing of the band.

“Swim” comes as the first single off of Episode’s upcoming EP titled A Late Night Episode, rumored to be released later this month. Episode controls everything from live instrumentation and production to personal anecdotes so, after listening to “Swim” and their debut EP, expectations are high for their upcoming release.

As we wait for the release of A Late Night Episode, we’ll be listening to “Swim” on repeat and recommend you do the same. The three-minute track is available to stream below.



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