Round2Crew’s “Your Girlfriend Thinks I’m the Shit”

Although they originated in Cincinnati, there’s no doubt that Chase Martin and Justin “Pape” Brown have made the most of their recent move to Los Angeles. In the past few years, the boys, better known as Round2Crew, have toured the world, released countless songs, and expanded their fanbase by tenfold, if not more.

But, coming from an outsider looking in, 2016 appears to be on track to become Round2Crew’s biggest year.

On February 12, while the rest of the country got hit by a blizzard, Round2Crew released their newest EP, a five-track project titled Your Girlfriend Thinks I’m the Sh*t. The EP includes “Your Girlfriend,” “Make Her Say,” “California Girl,” “California Time” featuring Spencer Sutherland, and the project’s lead single, “Wait for It.” The EP has received nothing but positive reactions, well-deserved reactions. To get an idea of what the Round2Crew boys have to offer, visit

Less than two weeks after the EP’s release, Round2Crew has premiered the music video for the project’s title track. The four-minute video, directed by BangOut, is posted below. The video shows Chase, Pape, and their drummer Manny, in countless “how did they end up there?” situations. Between guitars in the bathtub, firefighter and chef costumes, photobombing and standing on cars, there’s no shortage of fun-loving antics in the video, a breath of fresh air in an industry that’s full of constantly feuding artists.

So, what comes after a successful EP? A tour, of course. Round2Crew will be heading out on the road in a couple of weeks for their “Your Girlfriend Thinks I’m the Sh*t Tour,” a tour that’s practically guaranteed to flip every city upside down. During a very recent conversation with Chase, tour came up and he told me, “We’re so excited to get back on the road this time. It’s our second headlining tour and we think this is the best music to perform yet!” Spencer Sutherland, Alyssa Shouse, and Dylan Holland will join the boys for the duration of the tour. The Original Society will be in the building when the “Your Girlfriend Thinks I’m the Sh*t Tour” stops in New Jersey so stay tuned for complete coverage. If you want to check out Round2Crew’s tour when they hit your city, visit




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