Nick Cincotta’s “Curfew”

In an earlier article, we referred to Nick Cincotta’s sound as “an appropriate mix of hip-hop and pop, bringing something unique to the table in a world that seems to be dominated by repetitive motions.” On March 4th, Cincotta proved us right.

His latest release, “Curfew,” hit iTunes, YouTube and SoundCloud less than a week ago and if you haven’t heard it yet, you’re missing out.

The three-and-a-half minute song, posted below and available at, opens with a string of thoughts that go through the mind of almost everyone trying to find their place in this world: “Got a lot on my mind, and a lot I could say, sometimes gotta hold back, don’t know what these people think”

While I can’t say what everyone thinks, I do know what Nick’s fans think of the song – they absolutely love it. Comments on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, iTunes and SoundCloud mirror the same expression – complete obsession. From “UNREAL!!!” to “it’s been on repeat since last night,” Cincotta’s fans prove once again that they know good music when they hear it. @katiestyles6600 on Twitter writes, “Just bought @NickCincotta curfew on iTunes, needless to say I highly recommend you buying this song.” Well, Katie, we agree.

Nick’s fans are also loving the “Curfew” lyric video, which was posted to YouTube on the same day the song hit iTunes. Nick’s fellow Boston artist, John Cardiff of The Cardiff Brothers, created the video, posted below.

Rumor has it there is also an official “Curfew” music video in the works so stay tuned for more about that. We don’t have any details but we do have this picture from set…



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