Behind the Beat: Soundz

You follow him on Twitter, you keep up with his Instagram posts and you’re constantly listening to his songs but how much do you really know about Soundz? Welcome to Behind The Beat—a new segment focused on the producers of some of our favorite songs! It’s only right that the first edition is dedicated to one of the hottest producers currently in the game.

Kenneth C. Colby was a young boy from Milwaukee who signed a deal with Usher Raymond. Over 8 years later, Soundz is one of the most relevant names in the game. Working with artists such as Usher, Rihanna, Trey Songz and Justin Bieber, Soundz has found a way to transition from a kid from Wisconsin to one of the hardest workers in the industry. You know that song that’s constantly stuck in your head? Chances are, Soundz is behind the beat!

Check out some of Soundz most memorable songs (and some of my favorites!) below—

Pitbull—“Go Girl” featuring Trina and Young Boss: Before “Mr. Worldwide” was featured on practically every song we hear on the radio, he was a Miami artist simply trying to make a name for himself. If you ask me the earliest Pitbull song I can think of, “Go Girl” is the first thing to come to mind. Featuring Trina and Young Boss, the 2007 track was the second off Pitbull’s “The Boatlift.” The first two seconds of the track ask the million-dollar question, “What would the music be without sounds?” Who is the guy responsible for the sounds on this track? None other than Soundz! The clap and whistle beat heard throughout the song is one of Soundz earliest productions but 7 years later, we’re still bobbing our heads to the beat.

Usher—“Love in This Club, Pt. II” featuring Beyoncé and Lil Wayne: Within the first 7 seconds of “Love in This Club Pt. II” Usher rasps, “Yo Soundz, I hear you man.” Well Usher, so do we! When you combine Usher, Queen Bey, Lil Wayne and Soundz on the same five-minute remix, the people listen. And they did that—a lot! The track peaked at number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 and would go on to receive 5x Platinum certification from RIAA. Featured on Usher’s “Here I Stand,” the remix’s beat is simple and soft but meshes perfectly with the three stand-alone artists.

Diggy—“4 Letter Word”: Don’t let the piano in the very beginning of the track fool you; the beat on “4 Letter Word” is anything but soft. The production works well with the track’s lyrics and Diggy’s style, proving once again that Soundz was the perfect producer pick. The four-minute song comes from Diggy’s debut album “Unexpected Arrival,” but we’re expecting his follow-up album in the near future! Las time I had a conversation with Soundz about Diggy, he was excited about the possibility of a follow-up so now that it’s definitely happening, who knows—maybe we’ll see Soundz on the new project as well.

Justin Bieber—“Out of Town Girl”: If you’re a WeKnowTheDJ fan, chances are you’ve seen Bossman and that Bieber kid kill it on stage during the 156-show Believe Tour. If that’s the case, you definitely remember hearing, “So, where are my out-of-town girls at tonight?” Well unless you call Stratford, Ontario your hometown, you can thank Soundz for your anthem! The track’s beat immediately causes screams that can be heard around the world. With an extremely unique sound, “Out of Town Girl” is definitely a stand-alone track on Bieber’s 2012 album, “Believe.” As a writer and producer on the track, Soundz is responsible for the song you find yourself singing along to every time it comes on your iTunes.

Justin Bieber—Journals: I think everyone can agree that Music Mondays and the release of Journals brought out some of Bieber’s best work (minus the stuff he’s working on right now—shhhhh!). Towards the end of Music Mondays, Bieber released two tracks that we’ve jamming out to for the past 6 months. “Confident” featuring Chance the Rapper and “What’s Hatnin’” featuring Future are two tracks played by Bossman during almost every set. Well, thank you Soundz for producing tracks that keep us dancing in the clubs all night long!

Trey Songz—“Foreign” featuring Justin Bieber (Trigga): Soundz latest work was officially released this week with the highly anticipated Trey Songz/Justin Bieber collaboration on Trey’s brand-new album, “Trigga.” The “Foreign Remix” brings forward a new sound from JB while playing on Trey Songz already popular single. Soundz is also responsible for the original version of the five-minute song. The track is taking the world by storm and I’m impressed!

Although those are seven of Soundz most-memorable productions, they’re definitely not the last! Soundz has been working hard in the studio with Justin Bieber on his next project—one that’s going to blow everyone away! As he continues to master the craft of making music, I have a good feeling we’ll be seeing Soundz name everywhere. Are you looking forward to Soundz upcoming projects? Are you loving the Foreign remix? Are all 7 songs now stuck in your head? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know!


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